Individual Mobility

The Sanitatshaus Shrikes from Bochum informs the reasons that a wheelchair is required to replace the function of the legs, are diverse. It meets both older and younger people. In all cases, it is important to provide as much flexibility and mobility to make life so worth living as possible. There are various wheelchairs, which ensure that you can get from A to B. The variants offered the Sanitatshaus informed Shrikes from Bochum. A huge constraint in life is to lose his freedom of movement, needs and functional. For this reason, it is important to use its individual capabilities and to promote. The selection of different wheelchairs is large and difficult decision for a model.

Because there are the appropriate design for each claim. A doubtlessly supports here accurately, because it knows what wheelchair for which demand is right. Wheelchairs offer standard Lightness and aesthetic at the same time. They are equipped with many different functions and so adjustable. This also applies to so-called active wheelchairs. However, more setting possibilities are given. Depending on more so controlled and demand the wheelchair in daily life can the adaptation at the individual body mass, the functional limitations and the desired characteristics are used. Likewise, also multifunctional wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs can eligible and provide for a possibility of individual movement.

After a detailed consultation by a doubtlessly the appropriate wheelchair can find and improve quality of life. For detailed information about all services the Sanitatshaus available Shrikes from Bochum at any time.