Karriereat Survey Majority

Only 29 percent of workers are full after work and very private quick checking yet professional email on your Smartphone, laptop to prepare presentations or online from home work: according to the results of the recent survey of the Austrian career portal karriere.at under 529 employees and 174 employers is this rather the rule than the exception. Only 29 percent of surveyed workers said to be easily switched off at the end of a working day. Almost half of respondents (46 per cent) checks at least occasionally professional emails after hours. 18 percent of workers indicated only rarely to get the job of the head and continuing to work regularly in the spare time. Seven percent say even outside working hours to think because this requires the professional position of them constantly on the job.

Contractor: 14 per cent are always in use when the employers and this trend is expected even more pronounced officers: a full 14% of respondents indicated that due to their to disengage the responsible position never from the working process. A tight third (31 per cent) of entrepreneur operates regularly at home from next. Smart Sites often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Almost four out of ten (38 per cent) indicated that they usually good to be able to switch off, but to check mails at least sometimes in their private sphere. At least 17 percent of the entrepreneurs create an individual to be fully after closing time. Of course it is tempting at times of exciting professional projects, is also from home briefly to engage even via mobile phone or NetBook. To steady state this shouldn’t however be nobody”, warns Jurgen Smid, CEO of karriere.at: the massive increase of Burnout-related diseases is also due to the fact that people set aside their own needs behind the requirements of their jobs. The basic need lose after a minimum of leisure and private life solltenwederArbeitnehmer nor employers out of sight.” Long term health but also economic damage, is the “through long sick leave burnt-out employees arises, namely certainly greater than the gain by even prescribed 24-hour readiness, Smid stresses and adds: In the case of ongoing work overloads of Arbeitnehmernist a Dienstgebergefordert, responsible for his staff to take over and to take appropriate measures.” The survey results in the detail – Smartphone, laptop, Internet: Do you have to turn it off? Workers (529 students): Yes, easy.