Keeping Cats Healthy

Cats are carnivores by nature. Their food is primarily small rodents, mammals, birds, small reptiles and amphibians, but also eat grass, fruits and vegetables. The ideal cat food is food of animal origin such as meat, fish, milk and cheese. Generally, raw meat is more delicious to the palate as well as being healthy. Avoid cat food in meat cooked too greasy or oily or spicy sauces. The most nutritious meat for a cat are the cattle, the rabbit and chicken, which can be supplied with tender and spongy bones that will strengthen your teeth. Fish is another food for cats usually tasty for them. The fish can be given cooked and sometimes raw.

Be very careful not to pass it with bones and scrape to get hurt and sick to his kitty. The most common cat food from birth is milk. This product is not usually drinking in adulthood, but some adult cats who consume it. This should give it to room temperature or warm with a little water. You should not be given to a cat suffering from problems with diarrhea because it can be harmful by increasing their problem. The vegetable is one of the less common cat food on the menu, but these can be provided and help with the ideal and healthy growth of your cat.

Vegetables should be cooked to avoid straining the digestive system of the cat and in small doses. Raw vegetables do not digest well and sometimes not eat them. If the cat ever green herbs used as food, it is to regulate your bowel action and not to feed the hungry or to eat. Fruits are usually eaten in small portions. The pulp of ripe fruit is very healthy and tasty for these as they help strengthen your digestive system. Cat food newborns is breast milk, the most desirable is that this will prolong the time required for the kittens grow with vitality, your muscles, bones and teeth are strong and the coat is bright and beautiful. I could also reinforce this diet by making a slurry of flour lightly with a little milk tibia. At the start will be provided with a spoon until they can feed themselves. A few days later the cat food can be reinforced with pieces of raw meat or fish without bones. Some cat food is not beneficial or healthy for them, for example, bread and potatoes are not healthy and do not help the growth of the animal. The human food is not ideal to give your cat as this only adds extra calories that are unnecessary and can give bad smells from the seasoning and the salt that these foods are. Products such as chocolate, coffee and tea are not suitable for the cat, as it can affect the nervous system, causing convulsions and sometimes death. Onions and garlic contain a compound that causes destruction of red blood cells causing anemia in the animal. Today, cat food sold in veterinary chain stores and elsewhere. And they are canned foods preserved by freezing or addition of concentrates containing all the vitamins and calories the cat requires.