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High-tech materials for high performance sports apparel be interesting also for workwear and corporate wear the clothing requirements are similar in many cases. Essentially, it comes that the carrier of less sweat, is protected from cooling down and feels altogether more comfortable to perform his job properly or even better. High-tech developments one of the most prestigious manufacturers of special textiles in Lichtenstein, Germany – Fuchshuber techno-TeX – uses only high-tech fibres and filament yarns for specific requirements. The latest product of this House is the line \”Cutex protective wear\”, cut-resistant high-tech – clothing for work in areas with threats by cuts, for example, in the glass industry, but also in sports, such as E.g. Short Track speed skating. The inside of this two-layer textile fabric (outside DYNEEMA dry fabric) consists of CoolMax freshFX. Silver ions embedded in the fiber ensures permanent antibacterial effect. Coolmax freshFX combines all benefits of CoolMax with an additional active freshness component.

Latest development here is an Arbeitsshirt with the cut cut protection index level 3 in accordance with EN 388. The Dutch police uses the performance of CoolMax freshFX and can be fitted with underwear Fuchshuber techno-TeX their entire forces. The innovative multi-functional underwear, CoolMax freshFX antistatic ProClima is permanently hydrophilic and antibacterial. They offers a UV protection of UPF 40 + and is permanently anti-static, certified according to BS EN 1149-1 and DIN EN 1149-3. All current and new in the programme a special double-sided fleece fabric is suitable for underwear when used in cold or very cold regions. The fleece with the article number 15028-2 consists of a CoolMax ceiling (20%) and Thermolite Henkel (roughened surface 80%). An investigation of the Hohenstein Research Institute revealed a high thermal insulation of fabrics (RCT 111.8 = 10-3 m m K/W). In addition, the fleece has an extremely high absorption speed, which was classified as \”very hydrophilic\”.