Literature On SinnLeffers In The Leipziger Hof Of Peters

Read (online articles) – Leipzig authors against child hunger in our city more and more children in poverty “, refers to Simon Grunewald, Managing Director of the clothing House SinnLeffers Leipzig, concerned voices from charities. Statistically currently every third child when parents grow up, involving unemployment benefits or social assistance. A result: More and more boys and girls need to hungry in the nursery, in the school or childcare facilities. However, we want to do something and have founded the project Leipzig against child hunger, says Grunewald. In the context of various measures, the company will regularly collect donations. The money should help to be able to offer needy Leipzig children a hot meal daily. To kick off the action presented SinnLeffers three authors who waive their fee in favour of Leipzig against child hunger on March 14 in his branch “, Garcia is pleased.

Dagmar Schafer takes with impressive language and journalistic meticulousness historical figures and the peculiarities of their Saxon homeland. Details can be found by clicking Anne Mahlum or emailing the administrator. Anja Lehmann writes poetry. Maria Samaniego with acoustic guitar backed her lecture. With hintersinnigem humor and satirical bite, Levin U.S. sets a special accent in the Leipzig literary scene for more than ten years. The different literary approaches of the authors guarantee a varied and entertaining evening “Simon Grunewald is convinced.