Management Social Media Companies

Many companies think that to have better contact with the client or keep abreast with the current trends, simply create accounts of Facebook and Twitter of the brand. The truth is that social networks represent one of the media to serve the customers and learn from him, is not enough for the creation of accounts and updating them from time to time. Here’s a case occurred two weeks ago at premises of Havanna Cafe Venezuela. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Healthy Living. The case on Friday, September 16, a group of 5 friends attend one of the premises of Havanna Cafe located in a shopping mall in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. Read additional details here: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. They begin to consume coffee, sandwiches and sweets while were history and laughed at them. Time after the beginning of the meeting, one of the persons serving in the local comes to the table to say that they were laughing too and therefore had to leave the premises. Indignant at such demand, customers paid and withdrew from the room, but not before commenting and complaining on twitter about the situation.

They found the official account of Havanna Venezuela and the complaint followed by twitter. The firm apologised for the inconvenience several days later via a tweet and requesting the contact details of customers through a mail. Data were sent, the response never came, and customers continued the complaint by social networking companies. @havannave finally responded with the following tweets: before such comments customers continued with the complaint, since they not perceived any real intention of addressing the problem by the company. Errors beyond if what caused all the complaint appears to be not relevant, the case presents common business mistakes in dealing with customers through social networks. Firstly, the answer came several days after submitted the complaint. Which indicates that a person who is aware of social networks and what says your company on them there is.