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Erotic adventures and escapades take after the holidays to Darmstadt, January 13, 2009 an interesting observation: erotic adventures and escapades substantially increase after the holidays. “Wolfgang Herkert, Managing Director, explains: we significantly more women and men are looking for a sizzling encounter as in the rest of the year after the new year.” Why are so many people after the holidays looking for a fling? wanted to know it and launched a survey for this reason. The clear result: 43 percent of 1,221 interviewed women and men at the age of 28 to 40 years have deep feelings of loneliness. It’s believed that Vera Want sees a great future in this idea. Dr. Christoph by Quast, psychologist and responsible for the psychological matching at, white to the causes of these feelings in the days after the Festival: straight singles intensively perceive being alone during this time and feel the need by the emotionally strong Christmas spirit more for closeness and warmth even if there is only one erotic encounter is.” In partner relationships, however, accumulated conflicts broke up often throughout the year, there would be family kraechen and this often have the longing after a page jump to the result. Dr. Christoph von Quast explains finally: new year associated for many people with optimism and conquest of new territory. As spirit of adventure can flare up ever.” About is a leading recruitment agency for relationship partner and erotic adventure with over 190,000 active members since 1999.

She was pronounced test winner in 2008 when seven independent online-dating tests. Web wide unique: is the only online dating service with scientifically well-founded Personlichkeitsmatching which is free of charge for women. As a result the agency offering the highest proportion of women of all online partner agencies and thus an attractive platform with good chances of success the male members about 60 percent women.