Martial Arts

Looking for the origins of the Shaolin, one inevitably encounters the founded in 495 ad, Shoalinkloster on Mt. Songshan of Henan in China. Other temples in China, Korea and Indonesia bear the name Shaolin.Doch which monastery on Mt. Sonhshan is famous for its martial arts, Shaolin taekwondo, and Qigon. Also it is considered as the origin of the Chan (Zen) Buddhism.

Shaolin even means in English”translated approximately as much as the young forest Temple. Three areas are distinguished in the martial arts, 1 the Shaolin Kung Fu, which means as much as Shaolin skills 2. The Shaolin taekwondo, the fist skills and 3. Shaolin Quan, on german fist. Exactly how, when and where the monks martial arts originated, is unclear.

First reports of monasteries that participated in combat operations comes from the 8th century AD and report of acts from the 7th century. Then there is sources only once still in the, until in the 16th century. And 17th century many different written reports of the martial monks. Among other things to monks for the military service be recruited and members of the military commissions have studied the style of fighting in monasteries. The inventor of the martial art was name Bodhidharma an Indian monk, who joined about 527 Shaolinkloster described in the above. He introduced Buddhism the Chan (Zen) where according to legend. The monks should have been not persistent for meditation, which is why Bodhidharma on yoga developed based, dance-like movements to the monks to train. This is called origin of Kun Fu. From this origin schools arose until today several different, which this centuries old martial arts pass on today’s students. In Xiaolin showdown for PSP you can assume direct control over a Kung Fu-fighter and on the search for the magical Shen Gong Wu an action-packed journey through China to. Kevin Schmidt