Message Creator

Sri Aurobindo said that the subconscious mind – it dark labyrinths stretching deep into the abyss of darkness and without the light of the soul in them can get lost in the labyrinths of the subconscious and life there to wander in search of a way. We, the Creator, as pioneers, explorers, entering a pervoissledovateli new world – the universe of the body, cells, and the world knew her. There's a lot not understood, it is not logical, can not be a reasonable reflection. And we felt his way through this uncharted land. Everyone has their own flashlight – Light of the Soul. We paves the path, make a note to those who will come here, were landmarks. We make parking for travelers to make recommendations, maps and directions road. Message Creator iii Kick the attachments, and you will reach the top "- says an ancient Eastern wisdom.

Attachments – are energy suckers, which flows away our energy, de-energizing the body, destroying it and making the illness. Attachment – a product derivatives are negative subconscious programs. For example: negative program fear engenders affection for the man. And we say: "Without this man I die, my life has no meaning." Main negative program rights – it is the fear of death. This program is in the body's cells. And this fear is not of man and animals. Deal with it – that is, to subdue him, only by working directly with the cells of the body. Biological fear of death – at actually helps the species to be careful and protect life.