Mind Imagination

On the Principle of Correspondence, as above so below and as below so above, so you hold in your hands the tools to build your own universe, And what is this universe? As your life. Join me in the look, walk together and we create you and me one time a Universo , co-create together (my mind with yours), so I need to follow me (visualize) and help me (co-believe me). Have you ever thought about the power of imagination? The imagination turns out to be extremely powerful when fully expressed, and how do you know your imagination is manifest that way? When you can feel, smell and even taste as you imagine. Does it seem impossible? It is not so much. Check out Cindy Crawford for additional information. There is an ideology that says: a The Mind and Body dependee orders . Your body has no way of knowing what is real and what is not, and it is because your body can not think for himself, who orders all is the mind and he obeyed. Therefore, if you imagine with all your might that you are running around somewhere, your body will react to it preparing to flee (if applicable).

The idea here is not going into detail about these things but to highlight how powerful the imagination can be, and how true is our inner universe, why it remains a true display is proposed here. I want to see before us a beautiful valley. There is also a body running water and has several crosses in the background you can notice the small river stones.