Mountain Biking Saves The Olympic Honor Of Bicycle Athletes

Cycling has suffered heavily in recent months and years by negative headlines. Formerly the cycling was the one most chip step and also the most popular sports of the Germans. Cycling has suffered due to negative press, very what was on the one hand by negative media coverage of and on the other hand even caused by the teams. But the Olympic Games have shown that you should pack not all kinds of cycling in a hat but promote new sports such as mountain biking. One showed the Olympic Games held in late summer. Not all athletes on two wheels have been dubious discredited. Around Beijing made the cyclists on the road again once negative resurfaced. Doping rumors, positive samples transferred sinners that there are also bicycle athletes belonging to the honest skins of the industry, seems to be almost into oblivion.

But they come and they make stunning and certainly not dangerous. You are the Kings of the terrain, control stock on their vehicle and stone. The speech is by Sabine Spitz and co., the mountain bikers. With their Stud tyres she seems over rough terrain, over unpaved trails and paths, always on the hunt for the new record. Only since the Olympic Games in Atlanta 12 years ago, is the sport of Olympic, enjoys over increasing popularity. The reasons are quite clear: the extraordinary and spectacular attracts the viewers no shortage on the slopes. Mountain biking more action and excitement is to be expected, as with colleagues on the road. Mastering the most full suspension high-tech wheels is not easy, heavy falls frequently.

Nevertheless, the sport polarized, attracts the people at the racetracks captivated, sure not complaining about lack of offspring. Almost every child wants or nowadays has a mountain bike, road bikes are increasingly absent. The comparatively young sport is the German Sabine Spitz. Spitz is reigning Olympic champion in cross country”, a circuit with gap and climbs through forests, meadows and stone. The 36 comes from Herrischried with Bad Sackingen in South Baden. The multiple Medal is seven German Champion and drove her first mountain bike race at the very young age of only 22 years old. Fabian Rauschecker