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You get around so not to develop a timetable tailored to your needs and possibilities. The way depends on many factors: the most important are the Age and thus the time until retirement, the quality of life such as family and financial situation as well as own goals and desires. This includes also the consideration how comfortable you want to live in the age and what you do without today and mag. In addition, one must note the own risk appetite. Because who at night can’t sleep, when an investment time recorded in the negative, should invest differently than someone who won’t mind. When the assets, the rule of thumb is: someone is younger and unbound, the riskier its investment mix should be. In the longer term, temporary losses can be compensated more than? Only the GAU”necessarily assure but the sophisticated investment strategy is useless at all, if it has not previously hedged themselves against existential risks.

The most important individual insurance at each stage of life is the personal liability. Basically, every citizen is liable with his total assets for damage he inflicts another. In the case of the case without Insurance coverage is there, the financial ruin threatens the quickly. But this policy is so important: according to a representative survey, just over 70 percent of all households have this protection. Over 78 percent have completed a home insurance against it.

Also the own labour is often worse than the stereo. This is essential just a disability insurance (BU) for professionals. You should build insurance cover according to the principle of the GAU. In other words, you should be sure to back off the largest to be accident “, Elke Weidenbach, insurance expert of the VZ North Rhine-Westphalia.” Death, disability and liability risks these include.” In addition to the liability and the BU police, also the health insurance is a must. Other policies are even recommended depending on the situation, time wasted money (see table below). Miracle formula compound interest less usage, long term effect: for a capital stock of 100000 euro to the retirement you need monthly following posts Save: Magda D.