Obesity and Excuses

It speaks of spreading this disease on a background of inexplicable neglect of citizens in relation to their own health. Many people tend to ignore the fact that their bodies are literally crying for help. People are dismissive of the need to reconsider their lifestyle. Here are typical statements obese: "I have such a constitution. Our family are all full. I have a sedentary job.

I have no time for sports and procedures. It's expensive. I so tired " People are suffering from the side of disease, lose physical attractiveness and self-confidence, cease to enjoy charging, walks, healthy food and beautiful clothes, communication, sex and other pleasures of life, but still not enough to move there for the night and overeating, abusing alcohol and tobacco remain subscribers in the telephone book type 'Sanya_Dil' – and their weight continues to grow. As a minimum. This is despite the fact that the weight loss of 10-15% quite easily achievable and is the primary prevention of the conditions listed above. Achieving this improvement, the person receives a powerful incentive for further correction of their weight.

Improves health, retreat constipation, migraines, depression, racing blood pressure, reduces swelling, dizziness, shortness of breath more easily treatable chronic diseases. A person is returned to the mobility, beauty, ability to enjoy life. How to get rid of 10-15% of body weight, how to get the fat "burn"? Treatment includes the following items: consultations with specialists (endocrinologist, gynecologist or andrologist, phlebologist, a cardiologist, a nutritionist, a therapist) and treatment of existing diseases; diet (if necessary – Medication correction of feeding behavior), and drinking regime, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy. Specialised you can get a multi-faceted, made personally for you a weight loss program, high quality products for the home consolidate the results of treatment of obesity and, if necessary, referral to the appropriate in your particular case, the expert who will guide you along. The program weight loss may include procedures such as metabolic body wraps, increases metabolism, leading out the waste products of cells, reduce the amount of body recovery in aromafitobochke – these sessions are promote diathermy tissue reconstruction of blood circulation and detoxify the body, massage, optimize blood flow and lymphatic drainage of our fabrics that reduce fatty layer and regenerate slender silhouette, acupuncture, stimulating the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, ovary, hypothalamus, and correcting nutritional human behavior; girudoterapija (treatment with leeches), resolution the problem of intoxication, metabolism, appetite and pathological forms, including those caused by depression and frustration, as well as other wonderful treatments. After collecting the history and definition of treatment strategy you will be issued recommendations on diet, drinking regimen, exercise and home care for the body. Results of combined therapy has pleased many. If you are not sure whether you have obesity, use the following formula to determine body mass index (BMI): body weight, kg: height, m . Evaluation results: bmi less than 18.5 – underweight; 18,5-24,9 – norm; 25,0-29,9 – overweight; 30,0 w – obesity. The growth of body mass index of 30.0 after directly proportional to the risk of developing diseases associated with obesity (especially diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease). In writing this article we used materials of the journal 'Obesity and metabolism 'for 2008