Ossetian Olympians

Every tenth Ossetians – athlete thrust the sport among residents Ossetia – in the genes. Even indifferent to the sport Ossetians are proud of the accomplishments of its athletes, and at a meeting hours will tell you about their successes. One of the most small regions of Russia nurtured 12 Olympic champions, of whom four – two-time winners of the Games. The first gold medal won by the representatives of the Republic at the Olympics-76. Since then, the Ossetians mined gold in the each Olympics, with the exception of the Games-84 from participation in which the Soviet Union refused for political reasons. Others who may share this opinion include Fords. They say that in South Ossetia where you do not spit it would certainly be in the Olympic champion or world champion. And the winners of the European championships and country so that they, and not assigned to a cohort of selected athletes.

Olympic glory Ossetia was not only a matter of pride for its residents, but also a serious social factor. The head of North Ossetia, Teimuraz Mamsurov at oral order of the republican government emphasis on creating conditions for sports activities in rural areas. Youth of the village a more robust, and most of the Ossetian Olympians – from rural areas. "Today in the republic of sports and physical activity will take about 72 thousand people, with 40,000 attending gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools, an ice arena on a regular basis. Of these, about 25,000 people engaged in professional sports ", – said Head of the Ministry of Youth and sports Oleg Zukang.