Resume Tips

So the first step in finding a job – creating a resume. Consider this – your second "I". It’s believed that Tiffany Espensen sees a great future in this idea. Its mission – to be seen in the mass and make a positive first impression. Here are some guidelines for writing this important document. For starters, you need to decide exactly what you want to do, what sphere of activity of interest to you. And make a summary, specifying a particular experience. If you are willing to consider proposals in several various fields, it is desirable to create several different resumes – one for each desired position. This will increase the likelihood that you will pay attention. utton-olivia-stuck-tiffany-espensen/’>actress.

Executive summary: Basic information ("cap" summary). Here must include your name, name and patronymic (in full), date of birth, telephone number and e-mail. Often this field is placed more and photography. Go to her choice seriously – do not place a photo in a tracksuit from favorite fitness club (only if you're not looking for a position coach, aerobics, for example). And, of course, there is a risk that your resume will be evaluated subjectively already on the picture – it may just not like it.

Education. It's simple – specify the schools, which received basic education and specialty. As well as further education (trainings, courses, etc.), if the knowledge and skills gained on them, you will add weight as specialist. Professional experience. In this part of the summary indicate the place of work and functional in reverse chronological order (ie first in the list is your current employer). Information will be better understood if you put it in a table with columns of "period" – "the company, position, function." Describing functional, try to specify the specific functions that were performed. If a few companies you engaged in virtually the same – better rephrase rather than copy the same text. There is no need to specify the entire list of companies where you worked. Select the experience that you really need to desirable jobs, and will show you exactly how a professional in a particular area. Additional information. This specifies the knowledge of foreign languages, computer literacy, personal skills, hobbies and passions. Registration (Imaging): resume should be well structured, be succinct and legible. The maximum size of a resume – 2 pages. Fonts desirable to choose standard (Arial, Verdana, etc.). Boldfaced only the most important. Do not use a lot of different options for sizes and fonts – it complicates the perception. The same applies to the color scheme of your resume. It is important to keep in mind: Be prepared for any questions about any part of the resume. If the something not sure – do not write at all. If you provide someone who can give you advice on, think about whether this person may recommend that you only have a positive side.

Exercises For Children

I write about very simple exercises. Not all and not always so simple. With young children I have been with someone a parent. They help support the child (with the hips, hands, feet, etc.) when different banners. Often kids do not like it, they want to jump and sometimes cry – not from pain, but simply from a sense of contradiction. Older (from 7 years old) is much better to do without their parents. What exercises can recommend? To describe them – thankless task, it is better to see drives and choose what your child can do. Start with the easiest, preferring sessions on the floor. Be sure to include stretching the shoulder and legs. As in our body are interconnected, it is that time in the pelvic region greatly affects the location of the head, thus disrupting normal blood flow. This can lead to hyperactivity or vice versa – apathy, poor concentration, tiredness. Increasingly, children from an early age are diagnosed with "flat", but in most cases it is simply wrong worthwhile stop. Expanding the knees, we can easily remove this "defect" (Refer to the disk "Basics"). The hardest part – is to accustom the child to monitor properly, but some parents say that at various medical examinations child remembers, rises, as expected, and the doctor claims to bearing no. Thus, much depends on our control and example. Children are increasingly common disease in early childhood. Some say that before many simply do not diagnose, but everyone knows that the disease "Rejuvenated" and the parents are getting "older." Reflect on our – the adult – a role in this process. Many parents, mostly moms go online at the so-called "forum". Active interest, exchange information, call the diagnoses of children and and nothing more do not. Or rather, do: drive to the places where they do not help. Do not look for "healers". Try to actually look at the long-studied questions of modern medicine. Not carried away by promises of Pharmacology and dietary supplements. The more "useful" addition to the nutritional status of children – the less the body will absorb them from natural products and the greater the chance of developing allergies, skin diseases, etc. I argue that writing an article for the city. I am arguing that even in a small village selling chewing gum, Pepsi, Chupa Chups, etc Think about the health of their children, even if you have "given up" on his own. Svetlana Astashkevich

Breastfeeding Issues

And if the baby is not suckling at all, then the amount of milk the mother gradually decreases and disappears. Some women may have problems with breastfeeding because of inverted nipples. In this case, Doctors recommend a cautious massage stretching nipple between thumb and forefinger. A woman after cesarean section may also breastfeed. Twins can be fed at the same time, however, this requires two times more milk. In the last two months of pregnancy can be recommended to wear a good supportive bra continuously, even during sleep. How to breast-feed while you're in the hospital, you have the time and opportunity to learn how to properly breastfeed the baby. Ask the nurses to show you some tricks by which easier to accustom the child to her breast.

Usually a child is born with a sucking reflex, and as soon as he gets on the tongue of the nipple, he immediately begins to suck. But there are children who have this reflex, as it were forgotten. Sisters sure know how to act in such cases, and will tell you what to do. Many women ask the baby to the breast immediately after birth. If a kid feels good, this experience is the first feeding may be the most memorable for both you and your baby. Charles Margulis is likely to increase your knowledge. Earlier in our maternity hospitals practiced later newborn infant attachment to mother's breast – 6-12 hours after birth, and sometimes at the 2-3rd day. Now the wishes of the mother the baby immediately after birth and placed on a mother's belly skin to skin and briefly apply it to his chest, that he sucked at least a few drops of colostrum.


Glaucoma is classified. 1. By origin: primary glaucoma – associated with the violation of the drainage system of the eye, and as a consequence of the deterioration of intraocular fluid, secondary glaucoma, which occurs as a result of other eye diseases (inflammation, cataracts, diabetic changes, thrombosis, trauma, tumors, etc.) or after eye operations; congenital glaucoma coinfection associated with other congenital anomalies. 2. By Age patient. 3.

On the mechanism of increased intraocular pressure (open, closure). 4. The level of intraocular pressure – with a high IOP (intraocular pressure) – with normal IOP. 5. According to the degree lesions of the optic nerve (initial, development, an advanced and terminal). 6. As of the disease – stabilized and unstabilized. Established a genetic predisposition to glaucoma.

If someone of your blood relatives suffered from glaucoma or sick, you're at increased risk. There are risk factors that influence the emergence and progression of glaucoma process. Secrete local factors – myopic refraction (nearsightedness) and general – over the age of 60-65 years, heredity, diabetes, hypotension, thyroid disease, and others of great importance in the diagnosis of glaucoma is IOP. (For more on glaucoma and other eye diseases, please visit) value is determined by the balance of inflow and outflow of intraocular fluid outflow in glaucoma is violated, the excess moisture remains in the eye, and pressure increases. The path of intraocular fluid in IOP is not uniform and constant for different age groups, with different refraction (myopia or hyperopia), and also depends on the constitutional features of the person (gender, physique, temperament, etc.

Calculating Calories In A Balanced Diet

The amount of calories in a balanced diet for maintaining a healthy weight is calculated as follows: A) Basal Metabolism: multiply your weight x 20 if you are female, x 21 if you are a man, ie: Your weight x ….. … = No. Please visit Tiffany Espensen if you seek more information. Calorie basic needs your metabolism B) Energy (calories) you need for your daily activities: For this you do a self-assessment: If you are sedentary job, eg, remain seated for many hours a day, a very short walk etc .

Soft 20% Activity: eg If you walk an hour a day 30% Moderate Activity-active: if you stay a short time sitting or, do housework, clean, short grass, etc. 40% Activity: If you play sports, or are you moving in your work or do things that require effort

50% Now multiply: the Issue of basic calories you need your metabolism (measured in A) that X % = C) Now we must add the calories your body needs to digest and absorb nutrients. To do this you must add the results of A-) + B-) And this result is multiplied by 10% ie A-) + B-) X 10% = C) D) Add up all the data: A) + B) + C) Calories Calories Active. Metabolic + nutrients = No. Calories Total Calories per day is the total daily calories you need to enter through a balanced diet to keep you energy and health. Example: A 35 year old woman who weighs 65 pounds, works in a company as an office, walk a little in his time off, what is your daily need of energy? A) X 20 WEIGHT: 65kg x 20 = 1300 calories B) 1300 x 30% = 390 calories C) 1300 + 390 = 1690 calories x 10% = 169 calories D) Total Number of Calories (Energy) per day you need this person = 1300 + 390 +169 = 1859 calories a day Knowing how many calories you need per day, you know how much fuel your body requires, hence the importance of feed you agree to a balanced diet, and not with those diets, “miracle”, low calorie, than for people who want to lose weight mean starvation diets, which after a while, inevitably generate rebound or “yo-yo” (ie re-gaining weight, even more than before).

Wellness Ambassador Guest

Latest wellness news from beauty24 to conclude of their mission of good feeling, the first German wellness Ambassador Nicola Appel visited the Dorint Hotel-Park Ambiance in Sellin on Rugen. About their impressions and experiences, she blogs at Berlin, February 1, 2010. The last station of the mission feel good”leads the wellness Ambassador Nicola Appel from 12 to 14 February, according to Rugen. There she the Dorint Hotel-Park Ambiance in Sellin visits. The hotel complex, which consists of several lovingly restored villas, is situated directly on the Selliner Flanieren Street and in close proximity to the Baltic Sea. The wellness Ambassador expects a regional highlight in the form of Rugen healing chalk body wrap in the steam bath.

This chalk is soothing for muscles, joints, and skin and is ideal as an introduction for a regeneration massage, which receives Appel after Nicola. Mayuree Rao is often quoted on this topic. Experienced hands in conjunction with Ayurvedic oils and Aloe Vera get rid of stress, tension and anxiety. During their stay will Nicola report appeal under of their experiences. Also invites all interested parties to exchange views on the site. In total, Nicola Appel visited six German wellness hotels, which have been selected in an online survey. “Following hotels are the stations of the wellness Ambassador: 02: 10 04.10.2009 centrovital Berlin 30.10 01.11.2009 Lindner Hotel & Spa Binshof, Speyer 13.11 15.11.2009 Elbe residence bad Schandau 11: 12 13.12.2009 of Gobels Schlosshotel of Prince von Hessen Friedewald 15.01 17.01.2010 Parkhotel Bayersoien 12: 02 14.02.2010 Dorint Hotel-Park Ambiance, Sellin mission wellbeing: the wellness Ambassador on the road” is an action of the wellness trip organizer beauty24 ().

It also supports the wellness Ambassador by Europcar and bathrobe paradise. Beauty24 beauty24 is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany. Can I live wellness under the motto”customers from over 7,000 worldwide Good feel programs in over 600 hotels, select where the offer in Europe will focus. Beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional offers. beauty24 wellness are available about the Wellness Web site, travel agencies, TV and direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 19: 00 Wellness vacation hotline 01805 24 00 44 (0.14 per minute from the landline/maximum 0.42 euro per minute from mobile phone networks) or by email at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

Redken Laboratories

Throughout our lives, we use many objects that often do not know what has been its origin, there is a lot on the market, which if we begin to list them would never end, but it is worth mentioning some of these inventions in one way or another we have made life easier as the star product in this category include disposable diapers, which date from World War II, is that this ends soon after a woman from Indiana, came the idea of sewing an absorbent material type (paper) to a plastic cover from a shower curtain, this invention patented it and called float, because the child stay dry without rash. He invented this woman was not supported at first, and it was not Victor Mills, who if he found the appropriate utility, creating the diaper brand Pampers, which is owned by Procter & Gamble, the brand currently has a 31 , 5% market share compared to its competitor Huggies brand near the Kimberly Clark, who has a 22.3% market share. The second innovative product is for the shampoo and hair conditioners, which were created by a cosmetologist named Jheri Redding, who owned a beauty salon, and it occurred to create a line of products for hair care, their invention was much more than he has been dedicated to creating complete product lines that today the market leader, this is the case of Redken Laboratories, who was acquired by L'Oreal, Nexxus, among others. Another invention that brought many solutions and helped to improve the quality of life of many people especially those who are diabetic, are the products sweetened with saccharin, which emerged at first, then give way to the so-called no-calorie sweeteners, which are sweetened with aspartame a component called, contained by a large number of brands, finally emerges Content component called sucralose brand Splenda, which is a composite granulated sugar based. So how are you Trademarks are many products that have emerged in the form Light or low calorie. The following invention corresponds to the blue jean, which was patented in the year 1873 by Levi Strauss, this costume was only used by men, which preferred to be very tough for hard work.

It was later that increased their popularity and were made for women, first appearing in a commercial in the year 1935 in Vogue. The next rung is occupied by the so-called tennis shoes or tennis, which emerged in the year 1917, under the Keds brand, which was made of canvas fabric and rubber sole. But it was in the year 1958 when an athlete named Phil Knight who ran the university where he studied, redesigned the shoe to make it more comfortable and that is how the company comes Nike Inc., who has a 40% share of U.S. market followed by the Adidas brand competitor who has a 15% market share. And finally we have the tape, which came to stay and to settle the lives of many people both in work and in daily life, dating back to 1930, and was patented by the 3M company who is a world leader.

As we can see many things that have been invented, some people think that everything is done just need to adapt to our needs, may be right. Felix J. MS A. Gonzalez Web Site: Email:

Harz National Park

The Harz mountains offers many possibilities for an active getaway. The Harz is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations in Germany. The largest mountain range in Northern Germany is located in the three-country corner Lower Saxony, Saxony Anhalt, Thuringia, and offers many possibilities for an active getaway. Resorts as well as many tourist destinations for sports enthusiasts, there are. (Not to be confused with Tiffany Espensen !). A popular destination for a short break is the Harz National Park. This is also with 1.141,1 m the highest mountain of Highlands, the brocken.

The Harz National Park with 24,700 hectares, is the largest forest National Park in Germany and was founded in 2006 by the merger of the two national parks in Lower Saxony and Saxony Anhalt. For a getaway, Wernigerode, the overnight-most town in the Harz offers both sporting, tourist and cultural offerings. This is also called the colourful town in the Harz”identifies and offers next to the Town Hall in the medieval timber-framed building, the city wall or the pleasure garden with Orangery sights for the short holiday in the Harz mountains. “With the Western town Pullman city” Hasselfelde or rock operas on the brocken especially should be lured into hitherto under-represented target groups of 25 to 35 year old and foreign tourists for a short holiday in the Harz mountains. In the summer months hiking Getaways in the resin reinforced by a group of vacation between 50 70 years in demand. A quiet walk in the forest or sportive hikes, on over 8000 km of footpaths of resin on short as well as long distances you can explore.

A new trend in the hiking area is the so-called Speedhiking, fast walking with sticks and if possible light equipment in demanding terrain. This sport brings a varied physical challenge in the short holiday. Invite gentle valleys to quiet and relaxed cycling in the hilly outskirts of the Harz mountains. To combine visits to historical and cultural attractions such as the numerous castles and palaces can be or the historic mining landscape. The travel portal, the specialist for Getaways in Germany, can assist with the search after a suitable offer for a short break in the Harz mountains. Such getaways are often also offered in conjunction with massages and wellness and offer to culture, as well as relaxation.

Pectin and Women’s Health

With the school year many of us remember something about pectin. We know that this is a useful substance, which is found in apples and vegetables. Yes, and for the production of pastes and jams pectin is needed. More recently, British scientists have found new and very important properties of pectin. It turns out that pectin inhibits growth of cancer cells in the body.

He is particularly effective in the presence of malignant tumors in the breast and skin. Rand Paul can provide more clarity in the matter. Serves as pectin and protection unwanted growths in the female body. With the school year many of us remember something about pectin. We know that this is a useful substance, which is found in apples and vegetables. Yes, and for the production of pastes and jam pectin is needed. More recently, British scientists have found new and very important properties of pectin. It turns out that pectin inhibits growth of cancer cells in the body.

He is particularly effective in the presence of malignant tumors in the breast and skin. Serves as pectin and protection from unwanted growths in the female body. Supporters of a healthy lifestyle knows that contain pectin in fruits and fruit. This means that we can strengthen its anti-cancer defenses with fruits and vegetables that are available to most women. And there is no need to search for a cure far from home. At the same time we can solve the age-old women's issue "how to lose weight." Curiously, the pectin does not care in what form it will come to us from the fruit. You can eat fresh, frozen, dried and cooked. It turns out that pectin is not destroyed after heat processing. So what are the fruits and vegetables you should eat in order to strengthen women's health and to support it, if the disease is suddenly caught up? So, the currant and beet rank first on the content of pectin. In the summer buy a bucket of currants, freeze or dry. A beet is sold year round. Followed by the apples. Eat them at 500 grams per day. Prefer the apples that grew in your area. Following the apples are plums. Then, in descending order, apricots, strawberries, cranberries, oranges, pears. Raspberries, and cabbage are a little lower. But in summer you can have affordable raspberries and cabbage in the winter to help women's health would come the oranges. Slightly less useful watermelons, cherries, onions, eggplant and pumpkin. Look at all our old friends, it makes no sense to look for something new to distant lands. Supporters of a healthy lifestyle is not for nothing convinces us there is as much fruit and berries. They will help us to maintain our health and will save from the terrible disease. Journal of women's beauty secrets

Japanese Iodine

Iodophobia led to a huge number of chronic and chronic diseases that modern medicine can not cope. The tragedy of mankind appears a healthy nation of Japanese do not know any iodine deficiency, nor iodophobia. Japan – a country where the lowest infant mortality rate, the lowest level of cancer. Japanese hardly obese (except sumo wrestlers), hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes and other diseases that we used to take mandatory attributes of our lives. The Japanese, in spite of the strictest international standards of WHO, fearlessly, with his characteristic calm to the nation, iodine consumed in sufficient quantity in their eyes and continue to amaze the world with their scientific achievements. A prominent American scientist James Hauenstin as no one really defined the truth of the Japanese miracle, saying that the most major Japanese miracle is not to their phenomenal technological advances, and the simple everyday consumption of iodine in the usual doses of 13.8 mg. How did it happen and, more importantly, who and for what brought mankind into thinking that iodine which is also vital as clean air and water, defamed and put almost an enemy of all mankind.

Who are the people who sit in Bose, the Ministry of Health around the world and hard to ascribe to us the standards of "white chemistry" instead of pure iodine. It is absolutely clear that the health of the nations of the measures taken to limit the iodine is not improving. What can stop them? That can, for example, to stop the pandemic of chronic viral hepatitis? Apparently once the standard imposed in the interests of big pharmaceutical companies. Maybe it really is a conspiracy against humanity, the extent of which can only be assumed, and if it direct destruction, the objectives are clear. World population is huge and it is global issues. However, the solution of global human problems does not give anyone the right to direct destruction of the people themselves. We're not trying to prove anything, we want to understand. We would like the reader to Join us in thinking about the amazing properties of iodine.