Paralympics Winner Wolfgang Sacher Boosts Performance With The Novo Test

New of the Immogenics international – representing Germany and Switzerland Wolfgang Sacher, triple medalist in cycling in the Paralympic Games in Beijing and Germany’s disabled sportsperson of the year 2008, preparing with the novo test and optimization of a diet on the next competitions. Especially for athletes, energy loss causes that limit goes down and extend the recovery period. Immune reactions can be reason for this, which are caused by food intolerance. The gold medalist and currently leading the UCI world rankings, Wolfgang Sacher, figured out those foods with the help of the novo test responds to his body and affecting his performance. Since my diet plan takes into account the results of the novo test, I feel much fitter and regenerate much faster after exercise. Last but not least also my blood levels have improved markedly. Many writers such as Cindy Crawford offer more in-depth analysis. The optimization of my diet is an important personal for me Measure, to be in the future of the competitions all over the front.\” About the novo test at the novo test is a blood test that is used to test the blood on food intolerance of 115 food essences from ten different groups. Food intolerance is caused by food particles, which are not completely digested and enter the bloodstream.

These particles are foreign to the immune system and attempt to access such as viruses and bacteria. This immune response can easily lead to weight gain, lack of motivation and energy loss. The novo test detects those foods that cause this immune response. Because each person reacts differently to food, an individual and coordinated with the blood response program created novo for each customer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta has to say. Who adheres to this program, takes off, regain his energy and can increase its performance. More info on the novo test are available on the Internet at.