Pediatric Dentistry

Understand the pricing in the market of dental services is difficult enough, but in St. Petersburg were appear Networking Clinic, actually working in a segment of the economy class – one of the brightest representatives of the pioneers of a network of dental clinics 'Dentist'. Range of medical services. Range of dental medical services is quite broad: dental treatment (therapy), prosthetics (orthopedics), correction of bite (orthodontics), periodontics, treatment of children (Pediatric Dentistry), removal and implantation of teeth, other surgical manipulation (surgery), X-ray diagnostics. Naturally, the more economic opportunities to the owner of the clinic, the greater the amount of medical services it can provide in their clinics. For patient is expressed in a particular convenience – you can resolve any medical issue in one clinic. If you need a comprehensive treatment, it is necessary to choose a clinic with the most comprehensive range of services.

Qualifications of personnel. Assess the qualifications of staff prior to treatment the patient himself is almost impossible. When choosing a doctor or have to listen to the advice of friends or a trusted name most clinics. In any If, unfortunately, identify qualified physician can only be experienced through – start with a simple dental treatment, and after looking at himself tooth and at how pleasant and friendly talks with your doctor during and after treatment. In average of more high quality staff in those clinics, where patient flow is sufficiently dense, since the doctor's salary is a percentage of the 'proceeds'. Accordingly, more experienced physicians work in places where they can earn more.