If you want to look a perfect manicure, this is your product. I met him almost by accident and I can assure you that it greatly facilitates life. For more information see John R. Gibson. If you like to carry the perfect nails, don’t hesitate to try it. Others who may share this opinion include Daryl Katz. I when I wear it, which is always in the release French manicure, ask me that where have put me the nails. People stay with their mouths open when I tell them that the nails are mine and all I’ve done is use this glaze.

It’s a glaze dry which is applied as if they were stickers on the nails. There is a great range of colours. Incoco Nail Xpress brand I use. They come in packets with very simple instructions. Each package brings two strips that are composed of 16 stickers of enamel (32 in total) with different sizes so you can choose which is more adecue to your nail. To only wear you have to separate the enamel of the transparent film and apply it on the nail, then what cut you on.

To cut the excess only you have to press the end and pull downwards. It is easier for the It seems. If you follow this link you will see an explanatory video. Enamel lasts you more than one week and you can extend it if you gloss over, in this way you will get that nails last you two week perfect. The price is around 4 euros. A sticker is equivalent to three coats of a good quality enamel and to remove it only have to use nail polish remover, as you would with any other type of nail polish. It is an ideal option to paint your fingernails when you have a very busy life because you don’t have to wait for it to dry because it is already atemano. Shepora also works with this kind of enamel although I’ve not tried it. The variety of colours of Shepora is lower and your stickers are also more expensive. Around the 8 euros.This brand offers in addition colors of fantasy, and its variety of animal print. Original author and source of the article