Philippines And Healers

The Philippines – a country of seven thousand islands – a bright and rich history, magnificent resorts, plenty of fruit, tropical flora and fauna, beautiful climate all year round and healers-healers – all this in the amount attracts many tourists from around the world, including from Russia. The notion hilerstva (or psychic surgery) is understood to conduct surgery without the use of medical instruments and anesthetics and antiseptics. This phenomenon is as interesting as there are ambiguous. This article is written by me under the impression of personal contact with the Filipino healers and monitor their manipulation during surgery. To start let me turn to history. For the first time about the phenomenon of "psychosurgery" the world learned from the book Ron Ormond and Ormond McGill, published in 1957, which describes how during his stay in the Philippines, the authors saw the terrific spectacle, when the healer performed operations unusual and shocking way, "investing" their bare hands in the physical body of the patient. Opinion about this unique phenomenon of divided on two fronts – some believe such a miracle healing – when quite inexplicably hands healer, while in the human body, incomprehensible to human reason techniques are pathology and cure disease. Others call it a fraud and shameless tricked unsuspecting patients.

It is very often found that blood and pieces of bodies, allegedly withdrawn from the patient's body during surgery, is proving to be far and subhuman. With this worth investigating. Understand, that the charlatans have been, are and will at all times and in any country. In reply to the question – all the same healers – Fact or Fiction? – That on this account there are many documentaries as confirmations, and refutations. Can not deny that the phenomenon of the healers really exists. But one can not deny the fact that this area was chosen by a large number of scams that have neither the appropriate talent, no skill. Food for Thought – For example, the number of really strong and really effective healers in the Philippines the figure is limited to 50 people, while officially registered the order of several thousand.

There is one more important point, which is worth paying attention. The Philippines is considered that the disease occurs in mental basis, and its cause lies in the soul, on the mental level of the person. Filipino healers say – any human suffering, carries the energy matrix, whose roots lie deep in the subconscious mind of man. Thus, healing is possible even without penetration of the hands of a healer in the patient's body. And why do all these tricks with animal blood? Agree that the human mind is hard to comprehend such a method of treatment, and such a bloody paraphernalia strengthens man's faith in the fact that the disease is removed from his body in front of him