Recruit People

Today I was talking with Edin, one of my recent contacts guatemantecos, and I wondered how was doing to achieve that people enter to my MLM. I want to share that answer with you also. In this industry we have 2 markets for prospecting: market hot market cold the hot market is formed by people that we know. That is to say our relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc.This market is not that will potentially increase our business. If persons entering into a Network Marketing Business knew this, it would save many negative emotions which usually generate the hot market in the novice networkers and which sometimes leads them to the failure (for surrender). Why does this? Because it hot on the market, it is very possible that not our acquaintances are seeking win more money.There are many happy people in their work for 8 hours a day in exchange for a salary and have no plans to do anything to have another source of income besides your job.

We need heads with aspirations of overcoming economical. We need people who share our goals and are willing to work as a team. This quality of people or prospects, find them the market cold. The market cold is conformed by strangers from anywhere on the planet. This is the market that will grow your business as you cannot imagine. The question is: how to find them? We have access to billions of people on the Internet through:-classified ads (free and payments)-discussion forums (on business, news, finance, miscellaneous, etc) – Chats – social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, hi5, Sonic, etc – information Blog. Social networks are powerful weapons, since they allow us to easily find profiles of people of quality might be interested whom the business, among other advantages. Another way to capture interested parties is through a landing page or landing page.