Redken Laboratories

Throughout our lives, we use many objects that often do not know what has been its origin, there is a lot on the market, which if we begin to list them would never end, but it is worth mentioning some of these inventions in one way or another we have made life easier as the star product in this category include disposable diapers, which date from World War II, is that this ends soon after a woman from Indiana, came the idea of sewing an absorbent material type (paper) to a plastic cover from a shower curtain, this invention patented it and called float, because the child stay dry without rash. He invented this woman was not supported at first, and it was not Victor Mills, who if he found the appropriate utility, creating the diaper brand Pampers, which is owned by Procter & Gamble, the brand currently has a 31 , 5% market share compared to its competitor Huggies brand near the Kimberly Clark, who has a 22.3% market share. The second innovative product is for the shampoo and hair conditioners, which were created by a cosmetologist named Jheri Redding, who owned a beauty salon, and it occurred to create a line of products for hair care, their invention was much more than he has been dedicated to creating complete product lines that today the market leader, this is the case of Redken Laboratories, who was acquired by L'Oreal, Nexxus, among others. Another invention that brought many solutions and helped to improve the quality of life of many people especially those who are diabetic, are the products sweetened with saccharin, which emerged at first, then give way to the so-called no-calorie sweeteners, which are sweetened with aspartame a component called, contained by a large number of brands, finally emerges Content component called sucralose brand Splenda, which is a composite granulated sugar based. So how are you Trademarks are many products that have emerged in the form Light or low calorie. The following invention corresponds to the blue jean, which was patented in the year 1873 by Levi Strauss, this costume was only used by men, which preferred to be very tough for hard work.

It was later that increased their popularity and were made for women, first appearing in a commercial in the year 1935 in Vogue. The next rung is occupied by the so-called tennis shoes or tennis, which emerged in the year 1917, under the Keds brand, which was made of canvas fabric and rubber sole. But it was in the year 1958 when an athlete named Phil Knight who ran the university where he studied, redesigned the shoe to make it more comfortable and that is how the company comes Nike Inc., who has a 40% share of U.S. market followed by the Adidas brand competitor who has a 15% market share. And finally we have the tape, which came to stay and to settle the lives of many people both in work and in daily life, dating back to 1930, and was patented by the 3M company who is a world leader.

As we can see many things that have been invented, some people think that everything is done just need to adapt to our needs, may be right. Felix J. MS A. Gonzalez Web Site: Email: