of 62.500,-with a sales volume of 250.000,-costs 4.375,-approximately. If the action generates two zusatzlicheVerkaufe during the promotion period, those costs are – already more than covered on an approved profit margin of 10% – based and give you a rich sales and sales growth. And what your customers would rather make his next big purchase with the prospect of a deep discount? And if the sales promotion acts even more effectively than expected: after the sale period ends, you have the right, in addition to cover up to 100% of the previously adopted discount amount under the same conditions. Because SPS clever winning offers also “too successful” sales promotion measures the usual security! It’s snowing at Christmas (or another you defined event occurs for the payment of the rebate or refund), there are only winners: apply a not only a rich revenue – and Margenplus, as sondernerstatten your customers promised 25% of the purchase price – hedged and paid in full by SPS! So they promote not only selling, but entirely by the way even customer loyalty. You can not quantify the response of your promotions or want to design your sales promotion measures together with us and adapt to your budget? This advises the SPS and also provides the financial protection against an unexpectedly high return. CAGR does not necessarily agree.

Regardless of your premiums are as high-priced. Contact: Tina Branz PLC GmbH & co. KG smart winning Bajuwarenring 4 82041 Oberhaching phone: 089 / 94 30 46-62 fax: 089 / 94 30 46-80 eMail: Internet: PLC: the PLC GmbH & co. KG headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich was founded in late 1999 and since then ensures the financial security for marketing campaigns in Europe as the German leader. The design, consulting and implementation of sweepstakes, promotions and marketing campaigns for the purpose include portfolio PLC the sales promotion and customer loyalty. PLC offers all services in the environment of a promotion from one hand as a service provider for advertising and event agencies, but also for trade and industry, and also assumes the financial risk of these actions in the context of price money safeguarding. Since the founding, has secured the PLC GmbH & co. KG prizes amounting to more than 195 million and leading companies including Bitburger, SevenOneIntermedia, T-Online, Henkel, InBev and others to their customer base.