SOAP Treatment

This medicine is expensive, produce dryness in the skin of the lips while it is taken and is contraindicated in pregnancy. We recommend that all women of childbearing age use contraceptive measures during treatment and until a month after it ended. This is done because the drug can produce fetal malformations if taken during pregnancy. However, the drug does not have any effect on pregnancy after 15-30 days of his disruption, since removed completely from the body very quickly. It is also advisable to make an analysis of cholesterol, since it can sometimes increase during treatment. However, this increase doesn’t matter, because it is considered a normal effect of the medication. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Weight Watchers and gain more knowledge..

Even if these figures are simplification, treatment should not be interrupted because this lift is usually transient. Patients in treatment with Retinoic acid 13 Cis must sunbathe in excess, not be in heavily loaded heat environments, since the skin reddens easily. Improvements that produces the drug tend to last more than 2 years in 90% of cases, and only a small percentage of patients returns to have acne after conducted treatment. In these cases, the repetition of the treatment leads to a lasting improvement in acne. It is also recommended not sucking lips, since the humidity that produces saliva, although relieved momentarily, produces greater lip dryness. Ultraviolet rays acne improves with exposure to the Sun and therefore are recommended treatments with lamps of ultraviolet rays in the clinic. Patients who advised that treatment should go 2-3 times a week to receive it.

Treatment can be managed jointly with x-ray laser in cases with much swelling to prevent scars. Overview – Washing your face twice a day with the recommended SOAP. Then apply the products indicated. -Avoid diet: chocolate or cocoa products, dried fruit (pipes, almonds, etc.), seafood, strong cheeses (Roquefort, Camembert, etc.). -Avoid contact of the hair with the skin of the face (bangs, long Manes, etc.).