State of the Muscle

I write you not so much about the source of much of the state of muscle. For the main muscle fuel – oxygen and general absence of other impurities. Wondered why you want to breathe more when doing something physically difficult? Why do those who are professionally engaged in swimming, a broad chest? Properly when swimming, working almost every muscle, including heart! And each wants to oxygen. Swimming, incidentally, one of the best physical activity for weight normalization. Not for weight loss and normalization – excess body weight (fat) will burn and your muscles will become strong full of energy.

Since the heart muscle and also most important, it also becomes much more energetic and more plastic. The main problem of the cardiovascular system – it's inflexibility vessels. 3. Better mood in the morning. To prove to anyone you do not want that our mood is very much depends on our being. Often happens in life so that things are going well at work, love life, too, in order, but we feel overwhelmed, because something hurts. Smokers especially irritated in the mornings. My dream duration of nicotine causes starvation, and the smoker until skurit at least one cigarette immediately after waking up very, very irritable! A non-smoker, respectively, is in there lives. When I was throwing smoking a cigarette, I replaced the morning of 20 push-ups from the floor and drank tea and went to work, rejoicing in the fact that I do not smoke! It is very important! If you are going to throw, the first thing you should do – to include a mental set to joy, and not on self-restraint! Self-restraint is useless – any dam ever breaks! 4.