Strengthtraining Tips

To achieve maximum results from training is necessary to adhere to the following rules: If you are trained by other methods, before proceeding to this training, you must give yourself a complete rest from "Iron" for 4 weeks. Forget the old inefficient workout, where you trained several days a week, for hours. Now you will practice 2 times a week at most. Many bodybuilders do not know how to work up "Refusal", which explains their poor results. To increased muscle strength and volume, you need 100% effort, and this means that all the repetition of the set, the most important recent recurrence. It is the latest iteration is "plugged in" mechanism of muscle growth. That's when to do one more repetition is absolutely impossible, even with all of your greatest effort – you will make that breakthrough, followed by the mass starts to grow, and without which there is no sense exercise. For each selected separately.

It must be such that you can make a planned number of reps. In other words, you must raise the weight is at least 4 times and no more than 15 times. Less than 4 – is not enough to "Inclusion" of the growth mechanism. More than 15 times can make you stop the set because of oxygen deficiency before the "failure" of the muscles. But never finish the set just because they did all the prescribed repetitions can done 16, 18 and 20, just on the next workout, increase the weight of the projectile. On below the training program, all trainees are usually added to operating weight from training to training.

Do not forget to warm up muscles before exercise. You must be sure that the muscles warmed up enough and you do not injure them with heavy exercise. Never assess the results of training, based solely on their feelings. Only true indicator of your progress – the growth of power. If the next training will help you become stronger, so there was a positive shift. Continue to build strength, and you're with the right diet will inevitably increase muscle mass. Keep a training diary, record date, exercise, weight, number of repetitions. Once a month, measure the weight of your body. No matter how good were car simulators – is not the only equipment necessary bodybuilder. Remember how many great athletes owe their classic muscle free weights. Not all simulators can substitute barbell, dumbbell bar. Believe me, the giant muscle mass may be inflated by simple shells, and not clever simulators. Exercise training program should be 2 times a week. Training should be short, about 1 – 1,5 hours, but extremely energetic. Necessary to lay out at 100%. After training in You must be the same tired, as if you unloaded a wagon of coal. To this end, a break between exercises should be kept to a minimum. Rest as much as you want to restore breathing. At one muscle You should only perform one exercise in 4 approaches: 1 set 50% of the maximum weight – 15 reps; / li> 2 approach 80% of the maximum weight – 8 – 10 repetitions, 3 approach 100% of the maximum weight – 4 – 6 reps, 4 sets of 50% of the maximum weight – the number of repetitions of "the way".