Visual Arts Instruments

Russian artist provides their series of crafted musical instruments in the style of the time before music and painting Elena Beresnjak (48) are combined by the Ukrainian artist in a special way, to produce unique artworks from simple musical instruments. Violins, cellos and violas are decorated by the artist in a unique painting technique and are real unique in their way. Now there is a complete instrument series, the one at gallery/instruments / can marvel at. To deepen your understanding Wendy Rene is the source. The Vita by Elena Beresnjak is marked by her love of music and painting. =.9dfd18cb7288’>US Senator from Vermont on most websites. Early, she has dedicated to the Visual Arts and at the same time never ceased to pursue her musical talent.

Born in Odessa (Ukraine), the artist initially completed a musical studies at the Conservatory of Odessa, and finished it with a diploma as a concert pianist. By the way, Elena learned different painting techniques in the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst. This knowledge deepened it at the art academies of Moscow and St Petersburg. Since the 1990s, she lives with her husband in the Lower Saxony Diekholzen and works as a freelance artist. In addition to oil paintings, drawings and acrylic paintings are currently painted musical instruments at the heart of her artistic work. These include mainly painted cellos, violas and violins. All musical instruments are hand-painted. Beresnjak itself is called tattoo art”this technique.

The painted musical instruments is real unique, which draw many viewers from the first moment in its spell. Beresnjak is a global first artist who applies this technique to musical instruments. While these are first primed and then painted with acrylic paint. “All instruments have, for Beresnjak typical, Tatoo art” on. It is a style of art, where many small images result in a completely new image. Often it is the small motifs abstract faces. “You look at E.g. the painted violin Badinerie” closer to, you will quickly realize that is also this subject from many small abstract faces is composed. The special charm is that it recognizes new motifs in every look or combined other together. On the violin fall as individual motives by their colour definition seem like autumn leaves. The painted musical instruments are typically exhibits and less for the use of musical thought. However, there is also the possibility to continue to use the instrument. For this it has to be treated but after the painting by a luthier.

Fantastic Group Exhibition

A fantastic exhibition that will change your view of reality. With Jason Wheatley, Michael page, Sri Whipple and Damon Soule. Vernissage on July 9 at 19:00 a book by Zecharia Sitchen titled “the 21st planet” inspired all 4 artists, whose fascinating Theorie in FutureScapes to catch United in a series of works of art. The book refers to ancient records, which state that the origin of the people comes from higher life of the planet Nibiru. This planet through our star system every 3,600 years. With this idea in mind, the artist collective of visually on the new Horzizont of our timely and rapidly changing future focused. Is cultural mythology represented by real forms alive, our gods?Forms are recorded visually in schemes and machines. As already believed the shaman before us, animals are portrayed as media to the human soul.

Our today’s landscapes, seas and cities, but especially the landscapes of the soul are in a transformation. Art created the future. Michael page was born and raised in Southern California, now lives in San Francisco. His art has been shown already in California and Europe. In his new works, he picks up well-known topics by him. In conversations with friends, family and acquaintances he held steadily findings, that he couldn’t possibly ignore. He had to capture these issues simply visually! Right there, he began to work.

It reflects his works, so he finds greed, hatred, war and love in them. All this flows through every one of his pictures. And, subtly or not, you’ll find criticism of political systems and those who kollosal wield their power. During his childhood in Salt Lake City Sri Whipple became for comics interested in, what can be seen in his Cartoonartigen and somehow grotesque drawings. Whipple transferred itself into a kind of trance?State if he works to solve his subconscious. The bulbous? flowing forms, which he produced, have my own life, which he tried to suppress. He let her arise as they would, allowing even feminine and masculine in his works merge them. Forms phallic and vaginal symbols are not separable into a river as they were and would be an energy that flows through everything. As a young boy, Jason Wheatley loved animals, just like the drawing. He could not decide whether he wants to be dear veterinarian or artist. Today, as a successful artist, whose working much draws attention to itself, to Wheatley animals “celebrate”. Wheatley animals to fill his canvases arranged inanimate objects, besides to create representative Stllleben, which appear visually lush, remain however in mysterious as props. One has to take some time to properly look at his art. Much that is personal narrative. Wheatley didn’t expect vomBetrachter that he understands the story in the picture, he wants only that he knows that there is a fact. Damon Soule was our star system about the “Magnolia?Seed”given to Mississippi. At the age of four He began his quest sustained to this day years after the onset of homogeneous forms in linear topography. His flair for it during his formative years gave him a singular vision: “Selbstbestimmte content massstaebe can produce portable effects,” he recalls, “the horizontal lines disappear and the ends are independent of the narrative.” Soules works are widely used. His art hangs in collections of all his friends and many private collectors.