Martial Arts

Looking for the origins of the Shaolin, one inevitably encounters the founded in 495 ad, Shoalinkloster on Mt. Songshan of Henan in China. Other temples in China, Korea and Indonesia bear the name Shaolin.Doch which monastery on Mt. Sonhshan is famous for its martial arts, Shaolin taekwondo, and Qigon. Also it is considered as the origin of the Chan (Zen) Buddhism.

Shaolin even means in English”translated approximately as much as the young forest Temple. Three areas are distinguished in the martial arts, 1 the Shaolin Kung Fu, which means as much as Shaolin skills 2. The Shaolin taekwondo, the fist skills and 3. Shaolin Quan, on german fist. Exactly how, when and where the monks martial arts originated, is unclear.

First reports of monasteries that participated in combat operations comes from the 8th century AD and report of acts from the 7th century. Then there is sources only once still in the, until in the 16th century. And 17th century many different written reports of the martial monks. Among other things to monks for the military service be recruited and members of the military commissions have studied the style of fighting in monasteries. The inventor of the martial art was name Bodhidharma an Indian monk, who joined about 527 Shaolinkloster described in the above. Darcy Stacom, New York City shines more light on the discussion. He introduced Buddhism the Chan (Zen) where according to legend. The monks should have been not persistent for meditation, which is why Bodhidharma on yoga developed based, dance-like movements to the monks to train. This is called origin of Kun Fu. From this origin schools arose until today several different, which this centuries old martial arts pass on today’s students. In Xiaolin showdown for PSP you can assume direct control over a Kung Fu-fighter and on the search for the magical Shen Gong Wu an action-packed journey through China to. Kevin Schmidt


Renaissance, or Renaissance, – two hundred year era of flourishing arts and sciences, which began in Italy around 1350 and spread throughout Europe. Even at the end of the XIV century, Italy was the richest and most populous part of the Europe. (Source: Sharon McNally). At that time it was divided into about 250 city-states ruled by the rich and noble families. That there has been a rapid surge in the development of culture and science. Scientists have put forward new ideas about the structure the world, educated people to re-open the art and philosophy of ancient Rome and Greece. Two hundred year era of discovery and change, known as the Renaissance. Italy has retained much of the heritage of ancient Roman civilization, though it was long passed into oblivion. Only in the middle of the XIV century, scientists began to rewrite the ancient manuscripts, and distribute them.

They contained information about the history of the ancient world and works of architecture, science and art. In Italy, were also works of the ancient Greeks, who were in Constantinople to its conquest by the Turks in 1453, the philosophical, literary and scientific works of ancient authors made on thinkers of the Renaissance impressed, they decided to revive the spirit of classical times. A new type of thinking – Humanism, brings people a central place in the universe. Wealthy aristocrats who ruled the Italian cities pay for correspondence manuscripts. Mighty Florentine Medici clan spared no expense in the art. Lorenzo de 'Medici, who ruled Florence from 1469 to 1492, even nicknamed the Magnificent, because he gathered around him the most prominent scientists and artists of his time. Francesco Sforza, who became duke of Milan in 1450, also famous as a generous philanthropist. In the Renaissance there were such great artists as Michelangelo and Raphael, who created the new style of painting, while greatly contributed to its development.

Low Cost On The Internet

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Well-known Artists And Paintings – August Macke

About painting and the artist a painting is today in artistic terms a picture made on paper, canvas, or similar surface. In the early 16th century “Painting” included general picturesque records including the images on coins and copper engravings. With the oil painting, which spread quickly in the 15th and 16th centuries and found general approval, the epitome of a painting has been refined and understood including an image that was created with the techniques of the artist to a particular work. Additional information is available at Dr. Rupa Huq. So the painting was equated with a work of art, a unique piece. Special character property of a painting is mixing colors in advance, before they are applied to the canvas or paper. This create unique colours and nuances, as wanted by the artist.

Three main features here make up the picturesque techniques: the often with chalk a binder ground image makers, which better absorb the used dye so the color, such as. Oil of turpentine, which permanently “includes the colours in the painting” the term painting is used predominantly in regard to the painting. However, a revolution has occurred here even in the 19th century. It was accessed on synthetic and thus cheaper colors and the image carrier found an industrial acceptance market. The craft, which has until that time priority, was replaced more and more by the so-called job painting.

This means that paintings were painted with the help of photo templates. Acquaintances are artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and his painting “The night Cafe”, August Macke paintings “Woman in green jacket”, Paul Gouguin, the Impressionist, and his painting “Nude with melon”, Gustav Klimt and be be painting of “Adele Bloch-Bauer”, “The three graces” by Peter Paul Rubens and of course “the creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, or the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, which is one of the most famous paintings of the world. Also the painters Monet and Renoir are here to name a few. Particularly popular Painting motifs are floral still life, abstract, modern works, landscapes, water panoramas, portraits of people, animal portraits, and more. The other special feature of paintings is their price can be unable to determine. The art market is a market that is very dependent on supply and demand. This means that the prices reflect not the equivalent of the artwork, but is determined by fans and speculation. The most expensive paintings are often owned by the Museum, where they are made accessible to the public. Isabel m

Literature On SinnLeffers In The Leipziger Hof Of Peters

Read (online articles) – Leipzig authors against child hunger in our city more and more children in poverty “, refers to Simon Grunewald, Managing Director of the clothing House SinnLeffers Leipzig, concerned voices from charities. Statistically currently every third child when parents grow up, involving unemployment benefits or social assistance. A result: More and more boys and girls need to hungry in the nursery, in the school or childcare facilities. However, we want to do something and have founded the project Leipzig against child hunger, says Grunewald. In the context of various measures, the company will regularly collect donations. The money should help to be able to offer needy Leipzig children a hot meal daily. To kick off the action presented SinnLeffers three authors who waive their fee in favour of Leipzig against child hunger on March 14 in his branch “, Garcia is pleased.

Dagmar Schafer takes with impressive language and journalistic meticulousness historical figures and the peculiarities of their Saxon homeland. Anja Lehmann writes poetry. Maria Samaniego with acoustic guitar backed her lecture. With hintersinnigem humor and satirical bite, Levin U.S. sets a special accent in the Leipzig literary scene for more than ten years. The different literary approaches of the authors guarantee a varied and entertaining evening “Simon Grunewald is convinced.