Tyulma – Sacred River

In the southern Urals have a lot of great places you can go on a journey. Is there and the various rivers, which spring or summer, you can raft. Zivestnye most of them, it Juruzan, AW, Inzer, White, Nugush. But there is a Southern Ural River and the less known, from a little visit, and on the net, with unspoiled nature. A related site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta mentions similar findings. This river is the river and Tyulma. River tyulma begins between the ridges and dry mountains of Nara, in the taiga of the bogs. First, the ac and relies River, a small stream. Then, taking more and more inflows Tyulma becoming more affluent.

By the river upstream from this that, it rises from the side ridges and break off into the maelstrom of the cliffs. Tyulma river is not very big, small, but omutki HPD rocks can reach several meters in depth and hide there chub and trout. The largest influx of the river – a river Yamashta that falls on the right. From this place of much water spring or after rain the river can be rafted. The truth must do so with great caution, because the flow in the river and you can quickly descend to the congestion and the audience of the trees. Water in Tyulme on my zvglyad the purest in the southern Urals, because the river flows entirely uninhabited area.

Once on the river there were several villages: Upper Tyulma, Tyulma average, and lower Yamashta Tyulma. All these villages were living forest, engaged lesorazarbotkami. Average Tyulma was altogether special settlers village, but simply dispossessed. However, in 1979, was organized by the Forest and all the villages, with the exception of the Lower Tyulmy that the mouth of the river, have been resettled. Now the river flows through a fully unpopulated areas. Where truth and can also get on illegal grounds, as the law on protected areas, human presence, except employees of the reserve without special permission is forbidden. Seen from the river becomes more attractive as a place with a recovering nature. The main course – not to harm himself.


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