The festival of classical music, opera, dance, theatrical performances. And it's also one of the oldest festivals in Europe, held since 1947. The next point of our review – Austria, but it certainly beautiful dance Vienna. In August, there goes the Vienna International Dance Festival ImPulsTanz. Vienna is renowned worldwide for its balls, so it's not surprising that there is carried out and an international festival. The festival included performances of the best dance groups from around the world, as well as master classes and workshops for dance lovers. If you still do not know how to dance there you must teach.

Next we move to the south, home of great artists and chefs, sunny Italy. In August 2010 the most eventful city in Italy – Venice. First there continues Venice Biennale. As we have written the most authoritative one of Europe's Cultural Forum, which brings artists, collectors, heads of museums and galleries. Attend the exhibition, not only from professionals culture but also fans of contemporary art, as well as movie stars and show business, businessmen and politicians. The next event again for moviegoers. The Venice International Short Film Festival will begin August 30 2010. In August, in Italy, all movie fans will find entertainment in Venice at your leisure.

In the small town of Grottaglie, near the city of Taranto, will contest his mustache and beard. So if you're lucky enough to own the original or a mustache stunning beard – you have a chance to win and become famous in Italy! Spain will be pleased as always, beautiful weather and sunny beaches, as well as the Tomato Festival, which ends August 26 Tomatina, the famous Battle of ripe tomatoes. This is a wonderful event please both children and adults who can afford to become a child at least during the holiday. In Germany, in August 2010 is also not boring. In many cities located on the Rhine River Festival events continue "Rhine in flames', which lasts from May to October. And if you are not indifferent to the sport, come from 15 to 23 August in Berlin, where he held the World Cup in Athletics. This is one of the most notable events in the world of sports life, is expected to more than 500 thousand people from around the world. Move on to the Czech Republic. To all the wonderful advantages of Prague in August, added another from 25 to 30 August in the heart of old Prague passes crafts fair, featuring performances by folk groups from all over the Czech Republic, to taste traditional food and buy souvenirs in the gift to all your friends! Also in August, continuing the Summer Shakespearean Festival. This is one of the largest Czech theater festivals, which shows a very high level of direction and acting. And finally our nearest Poland please us in August 2010 years by numerous music festivals on which a separate article, as well as the International exhibition "Green – it's life." It will be held in Warsaw on 28 – 30 August. The exhibition "Green – it's life" is devoted to landscape gardening techniques, landscape design, ornamental plant breeding. As you can see in August is full of interesting events that you can see and even participate.

Medical And Wellness Spa

The concept of SPA more recently has become for us not just a beautiful abstraction, associated with luxury holidays – now one of the realities of our lives, not something beyond. And personally acquainted with the SPA can afford for now, Of course, not everyone, but many. SPA-salons became a phenomenon typical of the same, as barbershops and beauty parlors. In addition, Russia began to appear spa-hotels. Gunnar Peterson has many thoughts on the issue. Many of them – a converted nursing home. But are also constructed and new complexes, which is the core competence SPA. The reason for such popularity spa vacation in Russia is the growing prosperity of Russians against the background of adverse climatic conditions and the unhealthy environment situation.

Spa holidays – this is a great opportunity to feel the touch of nature and gain vitality. As a rule, all the spa hotels are divided into two types: Medical SPA and Wellness SPA. Medical SPA often organized on the basis of health resorts. Such centers involved in the diagnosis and treatment and are on the climatic and thermal spas. Wellness SPA intended for general wellness and beauty treatments. There is a special treatment rooms, saunas, swimming pools, a phyto-bar. SPA-rest recovery involves both physical and mental strength, and includes several types of procedures based on the effects of water and other natural factors, designed to relax, stress management, elimination of toxins, get rid of excess weight, general health of the body and address specific health problems. Assortment of spa hotel is largely dependent on its location.