Mercedes Benz

Along with the baby "Izettoy" company BMW introduced two luxury coupe "503" and "507", created on the basis of a sedan the 5 Series. People such as Mark Fields would likely agree. Both vehicles are 1956: Today is a rare collector's car: BMW 507. treated at that time to "fairly athletic," although it had a "civilian" look. For example, the maximum speed of "507 th" ranged somewhere between 190 and 210 km / h. Achieved a similar result through a 3.2-liter engine with a compression ratio 7,8:1, maximum power of 150 hp at 5000 rev / min and 237 Nm at 4000 rev / min. In all wheels were drum brakes with servo, and the average fuel consumption per 100 km was 17 liters. But because of the ensuing drag big limos and related losses the company is on the verge of collapse. It the only time in the history of BMW, when the wrong was calculated the economic situation and discarded machines on the market were not in demand.

Model refers to the 5 Series, BMW did not improve the situation in the 50s. On the contrary, began to rapidly increasing debt, decreased sales. To remedy this situation, Bank, provides assistance and BMW who was one of the largest shareholders of the "Daimler-Benz", proposed to establish factories in Munich production of a small and not very expensive car, "Mercedes Benz". Thereby to endanger the existence of the BMW as an independent company that issued the original car with his own name and trademark. Against the proposal made by an active minority shareholders and BMW dealerships throughout Germany.


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