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Evergreen Magazine gives tips for buying car Bonn/Langenhagen buy soon a fleet car? Or prefer notchback sedans with a toilet roll on the shelf? Often, such stereotypes by our imaginary world of ghosts. You are so unfair how wrong. (As opposed to Fitness). Ignore the generation 50 plus industry and advertising in particular on the subject of car still. Even browse a catalog of any buyer. Most people are young, dynamic and mid-thirties. In the real world they do not even have the money to afford a such great sled.

Because the so-called best agers spend more over 5,000 euros on average for a new car as the under 60 years. It is not only discriminatory but also founder and owner of international car concept (ICC) the automotive expert Uwe from commercial point of view quite bullshit, only to stare, the boy writes a, in Hanover-Langenhagen, in an article for Evergreen Rohrig. The magazine for Appropriate. An example for the different demands of buyers and sellers, as well as recruiters is the a-class by Mercedes. Actually, young families should buy the practical high roof car and reduce the average age of the riders of the Stuttgart-based luxury brand. But the opposite has occurred.

Just pensioners warm for this type because the a-class when it comes to seating and entrance height for you is very convenient. What should you consider when buying next car? \”, asks Rohrig.\” Of course I can recommend any specific brand or a particular type of vehicle. But there are a few key points you should consider before buying a new car. Security is especially for the silver generation’ an important aspect. Even though dark colors often as precious ‘ apply. Decide whether you buy a white, cream or yellow post car. Because according to the scientific findings, these vehicles on the road are more visible. When you turn light during the day.