Klostertaler – new album goodbye can be a beginning of the end is approaching and the preparation to the worthy culmination of one of the best-known and most successful party bands of Switzerland, Germany and Austria are in full swing. To broaden your perception, visit CAGR. The album title \”Goodbye can be a start\” reveals what the Klostertaler-CD of the year 2010 – the farewell of the band from the stages of Europe announced two years ago by Markus Wolfahrt. For this reason, the six Klostis have given too much trouble with the songs and lyrics of this silver. The festive final act is heralded on August 14, 2010 at the open air in Klosterle. There will be powerful to the point and it is already clear, who arrives late will get no more tickets and missed the certainly largest and longest party in the world. \”Goodbye can be a start\” is the worthy motto of the album. Musically, the farewell work offers everything that has made strong the Klostertaler over decades. He packed in the musical versatility of catchy melodies, comprehensible texts six musicians from the Vorarlberg.

Without losing their distinctive sound, exceptional, new impetus with traditional sounds mate on this impressive production. Markus wool ride the success secret of the Klostertaler from his point of view explains: \”we are convincingly authentic, because we do exactly that which we fully and completely behind. With all my heart, we love our folk music in the best sense. This is music for the people: attractive, believable and incomparable. It is mixed with ingredients from the pop and rock music, especially the Beatles with their timeless sound gadgets repeatedly play a musical role.\” Whether gentle ballads, loose Earwigs or catchy compositions, the sound sounds rocking, casual, emotionally and letting us. The first single release is the cheerful party number \”O-HO-E-YO – s ‘ is always so\”. The title is a rockin’ party number of superlatives, the hands how to automatically go to heaven and weigh the enthusiastic fans relish every.