It Goes There And It Makes!

Despite the life seems unjust there and it does not have much favour at this difficult moment, she is necessary to raise the flag of the dreams and the desires. They are individual or collective. She is necessary not to give up the good things, however not if it can neglect the falls, the dark rooms, the cantos of the life that people finish if playing time or another one. The hope can yes be a fuel, but based in real facts, not mere for alienation or to carry people to another place without the problems. To run away from them will not decide nothing, to ignore also will not change them the life, then, the question must be seen with eyes directed toward a deep reflection and a gradual agreement of ' ' porqus' ' that they surround to all. If she will be necessary to increase the volume, to speed up the rhythm, to make racket so that all hear what you want, do not think very not, go there and make! The shame is in not trying, or having fear to lose, but the biggest defeat is in not giving the first step to help, to advise, stops to extend the hand for first, to ask for excuse when (even though) both are missed At last, the biggest defeat is when you lose beating of a heart and feel that she could have more done. It does not give plus this taste bitter taste for the life and to you yourselves, to see the life to cause suffering transforming your face and your soul into a waterfall of tears Therefore, it goes there and it makes! Text written for Johney Laudelino Da Silva in 26/11/2011. Complemented for the video of music Every Teardrop is the Waterfall Coldplay .

To Sing The Beauty Of The Life

GIRL Edson de Sousa ' ' SUNG He took my heart and I took its I leave for a dream That my fancy wrote saw of all the forms to You that my heart imagined waked up perceived is enough to dream amor.' ' DECLAIMED Girl Nor I know I call because you girl. If in my dreams, you are not plus a child. He kisses me with affection, and I do not know to interpret. I am confused, I have that to disfarar. Nor I know if you perceive, palpitar of my chest, when in my cravos col, new searches in my old face. It annoys what me, it is that you affirm and confirm our friendship. For assistance, try visiting Center for Environmental Health. I want more. I want more because I am lost.

E when seeing to overflow the limits that easily I controlled, I have fear. I feel that you perceive. You are who you control each letter of this game. I continue you to call girl. Girl who painted most beautiful of the pictures of love in my life. Girl I am lost. I am madly, gotten passionate for you.