“The new single by Antje Sommerfeld – the friend of all heart it is certainly not uncommon, that is Antje Sommerfeld with their new single the friend of all heart” is dedicated to the magic of the moon. Because she lives in the countryside very remote with your animals – some would regard it as a lonely – is of course very with the nature. It is good tradition, Antje every evening when it became dark and the only street light is already off again in front of the House to go and work on the sudden night. There, she then enjoys the absolute silence, only interrupted by the Geckern of the pheasants, and looks for a moment in the sky to the Moon, which has a particularly strong effect without the lights of the city. The moon has had a magical attraction at all times on the people and stimulated to stories and thoughts.

The well-known lyricist Heiner Graf in wonderful words has dressed Antjes thoughts. The friend of all heart”invites the listener to Antjes wonderful world away from the hustle and bustle and bleeping Smartphones and for those who are getting into it, it is a small musical vacation from the daily haste. From July 20, 2012 is the friend of all hearts”on all relevant download portals available. Source: ForFeetMusic for more information,, and