Debut Album BIG

The confrontation with the opposites accompanied by the entire album ‘BIG’, the successful debut of the Zurich Unterlanders Luca Little and his band. Soft rock and noise-pop – with plenty of style and these no-frills, with power and heart a very great piece of music originated, the to the Revel, philosophize and led the plunge. Sometimes, great artists have little name and then surprise with great music. The small name Luca Little actually great pop/rock at the March 2010 album behind BIG”is incomparably played with the expectations and the contrasts. With the own written songs, Luca Little pursued his own vision and you can feel the freedom not to have to go into hiding.

On the cover, an elephant makes his tricks in a Canary cage and again reflected in the songs of the debut album who want to be caught up dealing with the contradictions and want to break out, be paralyzed and break up, restricted his and more want from life. While the great singer/songwriter art used to authentic and stylish pop-rock with world-class of Luca Little. Produced and mixed the album was BIG (Fontastix) Dave Hofmann (Heidi happy, song circus, leech, slam & Howie, The sad Riders, urban junior and many more) and Frank Niklaus (FFRecords, ENT) took care of the mastering. : Luca Little pop/rock from Zurich sometimes with great artists small names and then surprise with great music. So also the originally from nearby Zurich, Luca with his bandmates Johnny A. van Eijsden, keys artist Thomas Feierabend, bassist Stefan Reiser and drummer Alex Gerster as Luca Little.

After Luca initially in his youth has played in several other bands, he wants to achieve more, and put his own visions. As a singer/songwriter Luca Little writes great music history and this is implemented completely authentic since the founding of the band in 2008 with plenty of power and heart. Luca Little came already on the page by ten years after, or with national Greats like Reto Burrell and Heidi happy.