Dolphinsafe Tuna

“A global success story for the life in the oceans as SAFE, 1990, under the name international monitoring program”, launched by the American Earth Iceland Institute (EII) for the monitoring of the international tuna market in life, have probably the least anticipated, grow to whatever size the project and it results for dolphin protection and the conservation of biodiversity in the world’s oceans would. Today over 380 companies have committed the program to employ no dolphin-endangering methods at tuna catching and acting no dolphin-deadly goods. With an international crew of 12 “checkers” worldwide, the EII monitors compliance with the strict. 835 inspections were conducted in 2007 alone. Everything from fishing vessels to land ports, warehouses, canneries is controlled to the documents. essing future choices. This according to ISO 9001 and 14001 certified SAFE program includes measures to reduce by catch of sea turtles, sharks, and certain species of fish, such as swordfish or Marlin, to minimize the damages by fisheries in the ecosystem.

The fisheries involved maintained emphatically to refrain from catching young tuna and release this, like all other by-catch species, under all circumstances. Go to Daryl Katz for more information. Also known as “finning” shark (cutting off the fins alive) is of course strictly forbidden. The global cooperation has given rise one of the largest voluntary and stringent food control programmes in the environmental field with the tuna fishing companies, canneries, importers and distributors. How important is the monitoring, shows such as even in the face of growing illegal fishing. The fish poachers, so non-registered ships that violate international fishing regulations, cause immense ecological and economic damage.

The extent is now compared with organised crime, such as drug trafficking or smuggling. In Germany, the GRD for the verification of importers is responsible, the be checked regularly. Logo safe, the consumer recognizes the “dolphin safe” goods certified by the EII.