Doberemennoy Dentistry

Prepare sleighs in summer, and pregnancy planning on any time of year, the main thing – consciously. Because many dental problems are best prevented before conceiving a baby. Not much happens in our lives of children, so that better prepare for the birth of the child in advance. Prevention. Charles Margulis often addresses the matter in his writings. Over the past few years, dental Russian culture has evolved, and in the minds develop an understanding that we must take care not only about beautiful smile but the health of a beautiful smile.

Healthy and that future moms regard visits to the dentist is not as 'obyazalovke' for the hospital, and understand that this is an important component of the health of their future child. Not so long ago, few understood the importance of oral rehabilitation before such a serious step in a woman's life such as pregnancy. There was also an intermediate time when the future mom visited the dentist, because they were confident that the 'pregnancy will select the good half of the teeth. " This though is not quite correct belief, but half the battle! The thing is that when visiting the dentist, you care not only about his health but the health of your child. You must agree, if during the Pregnancy can be avoided by manipulation associated with the use of medications (such as painkillers and anesthetics), then it is better to avoid.

And, God forbid, remind yourself of the tooth, which you have long advised remove it. … And all this happens not by 'the law of dishonesty', but because of hormonal changes that will accompany your entire pregnancy. All defects and problems which you were not able to get rid of pregnancy, will make themselves know at the time of her.