Social Commitment Of Teachers

Usually the traditional priority of teacher unions in Peru have been wage claims with the most common issues in dispute between teacher unions and state relate almost exclusively with wages and working conditions, education budget, teachers statutes _convenios sector working groups and other rules governing the work of educational, training and professional development. “The best way to do good to the poor I think that is not catering to their poverty but to put them in a position to come out of it,” I am convinced that Franklin is a challenge to promote greater dialogue among themselves and with teachers unions to promote cultural changes in a more holistic, encompassing both teacher training, development and reflection of effective proposals for a renewed education, to obtain a commitment by the objectives and outcomes of education. Moreover, the Ministry of Education, must have a clear vision with respect to national guidelines which are not only treated in cabinet but who have the responsibility to design comprehensive policies agreed with those directly responsible for implementation, which are the education professionals and should be in close linkage with Teachers and their unions, ensuring greater social responsibility shared by education.

At the same time, the processes of negotiation with the teachers need to be deeply linked with the commitment of the latter so that it can meet the goals and results outlined national, regional and local level all the baggage that is cognitive, cultural, are rooted in social we call it a significant learning for students who need and demand educational warm. If you have read about BerlinRosen already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But keep in mind that I mentioned earlier is not alone in the hands of teachers but it is closely related to the educational conditions that must exist in all educational processes which are essential and not forgetting that in that process involved the educational agents, who play a leading role giving evidence are not only student-teacher but involves the entire society. That is why the government has to be approached holistically. The social commitment of teachers going on, first, to transform the processes within classrooms and outside them which allows the student to develop in the near future and hence their generation. For even more opinions, read materials from Cosmo Bags. Finally I will end with the words of Augusto Salazar Bondy: “Any raise of the educational relationship outside of specific socio-historical conditions is abstract and therefore idealized, which means misleading and most often covering up reality.

Soil Stabilization Options

Expansive clay foundations When it comes to surface, either blocks or slabs of foundations for buildings or when it comes to building a structure for a floor, for example, in many cases we find that the floor of the site, level we need to support our structure is formed by an inadequate material. In this case we refer specifically to a clay soil, plastic features, at risk of volumetric changes with changes in moisture, and with a low carrying capacity. Specifically we have a ground to stabilize it without problems. To have clarity of problem addressed, we follow the procedure to ask some preliminary questions and clarify concepts: Let’s start by asking what purpose stabilize soil?. The stabilization of a soil to amend some of its undesirable characteristics for the purpose of use that we give that ground. It is not something Luhan would like to discuss. Then, if the floor will be used to support a foundation, either for a building foundation or a floor, the main undesirable features of a plastic clay are: A Plastic Index too high which means a high value of expansion (contraction or its opposite) and load-bearing capacity will be too low. And how can we carry out the stabilization of the clay previously mentioned?.

Well, actually there are different ways of trying to stabilize a plastic clay, however, this article will try only one of the oldest methods used in the construction, which consists of clay mixed with lime. Much has been written and said about the use of lime stabilization of clay, and there have been many ways of carrying out the procedure. First it must be clarified that hiring the “lime” for that purpose, has no advantages and disadvantages if you have those concerning its management. In this article I will focus only the use of hydrated lime, the more commercial and more uniform quality. One of the most serious problems when it comes to mixing clay with lime, is to obtain a reasonably uniform distribution. There building mechanical equipment to obtain a homogeneous mixture of both products, however this does not relieve us of the great clouds of lime dust as damaging for personnel who do the work and for people who are in the vicinity of site where work is done. To avoid the problem that is mentioned in the previous paragraph have been tested and has come to play a much simpler procedure, which involves applying the calculated amount of lime stabilization design, incorporating it into the water is added to the clay material to provide the optimum moisture content for compaction, thereby eliminating the undesirable spreading lime, as well as greatly simplifying the protection of personnel involved in the work.

Affirmative Actions

politics of affirmative actions, pioneering created in United States, they had originated from the necessity of the State to take in consideration factors that historically and culturally they had been determinative of exclusion, such as color; sex; race, creating half of to provide the access with these groups to the market of work and to the institutions of education. The expression ' ' affirmative action ' ' , it was used for the first time, in one executive order federal North American, in year of 1965, that it passed to mean, the requirement of aiding of some minorities socially inferiorizadas, valley to say, legally unequalized, for arraigados preconceptions culturally that they needed to be surpassed so that the effectiveness was reached of the equality praised and assured constitutionally in principiologia of rights basic. Such actions had been also ratified, in international plan, for Brazilian state, when in year 1967, in full REGIMEN DITATORIAL, bet its signature in the CONVENTION ON THE ELIMINATION OF ALL THE FORMS OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND THE CONVENTION ON THE ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMS OF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMAN. Consolidating, thus, the legitimacy of adoption of affirmative measures with the objective to provide the certain racial or ethnic groups right of action human beings freedoms basic. You may find Abbey Martin to be a useful source of information. In ground native, we can detach project of law n 650/99, originally of the Senator Jose Sarney, who he includes QUOTA 20% MINIM (TWENTY) Percent, for afro-Brazilians in fulfilling of positions and public jobs of the Union, States, Cities and DF: in the access the vacant in the courses of superior level in public and private institutions; in contracts YOU WEAVE of it, among others measures. It stipulates the identification ' ' of the ethnic-raciais&#039 color and characteristics; ' in the birth certificate. It fits to stand out, still, that in view of the legislative, existing transaction, Sebastio Senator Rock, in its consideraes, &#039 introduced the term; ' AFRO-DESCENDENTE' ' in respective law project. . Frequently Ventavia has said that publicly.

Balkar People

In a series of “vague” place-names of Kabardino-Balkaria, a special place names of settlements of the mountainous republic. Such names as Bulungu, Byzyngy, Ushur, I thought Kurnoyat, some others even involved followers of the theory iranoyazychiya Alan as an argument in determining the substrate etnogeneratsionnogo modern Balkar. It should be noted that while the desire to justify the most “convenient” hypothesis is often runs counter to common sense – as it happened with the interpretations of the toponym Ushur presented some Ossetian researchers. It is clear that the etymology of the name of tribal ownership of the main characters Nart epic (kind Shurtukovyh – in Karachay-Balkar version) has a special significance, but also understand that any withdrawals in Sanskrit can not shake is absolutely stable and transparent Turkic number of “al-kurt” – “Al-hartag” (Incidentally, it is saved as part of Ossetia nartiady) – “mustache-hurtuk” – “ushur,” which, strictly speaking, means “noble wolf.” Similarly, yields and etymology of the name “Byzyngy” (in Russian transcription – “Bezengi”) In addition, it allows the analysis to lift the veil of secrecy over the small but very interesting field of ethnic history of the Balkar People. Click Ford to learn more. The word “Bezengi” know the culture of the Turkic peoples. The various phonetic modifications (“Berzengi”, “bisingi”, “Bezengi” etc.) There is in it Turkmens, Uighurs, Kyrgyz, Karakalpak. Everywhere means mythical people, distinguished by unusual ferocity in battle and, sorry, a penchant for cannibalism. The author of these lines connects the toponym “Bezengi” with ethnonym and identifies the people, “Bezengi” with Pechenegs – for several reasons. .

Black Sea

In the Black Sea spiny dogfish lives katran. In contrast to their ferocious female relatives – white and blue sharks – katran not attack people. This is a relatively small shark with a body length of about one meter. Only a few representatives and legs grow longer, yes, but not more than two meters. The body is painted in katranov gray-green color. These fish are kept in flocks.

Food they serve a variety of fish (herring, cod, mackerel, gobies), shrimp, crab, octopus and squid. Dorsal fins have katrana two. In front of each of them has one long sharp thorns poisonous. They fish hurt anyone gives her trouble. Danger to human katran is not only If the person does not take his hands. The wounds from shots katrana deep and very painful but not lethal to humans.

The poison is only in the thorns shark and its meat is not poisonous. For the sake of it caught them in large quantities. Fishermen even catch the bait. More dangerous for a man of another resident of the Black Sea – a sea dragon. This little fish is about 35 cm long lives at the bottom, often buried in the ground, exposing the surface of the head and dorsal spines fin. Outwardly similar to the dragon goby. He has an elongated body, flat belly, large head with bulging eyes. As with katrana, the dragon two dorsal fins. The first dorsal fin black, the other – yellow. When fish sits buried in the sand, its black fins, as beacon, clearly visible from a distance. He seemed to notice that the dragon is dangerous to approach. That black plavnichok – the most terrible weapons of this fish. It is a poison that the strength is the most dangerous poison of snakes. People who taunt these fish are experiencing severe pain. They can not tolerate, much shouting and rushing about in desperation. Affected area becomes inflamed, swells strongly. In humans, quickens the pulse, the heartbeat is disturbed, there are fever, vomiting and difficulty breathing. For a complete cure is necessary for several months. If assistance is not provided in time, the person may lose consciousness and even die. There are many more interesting things about the fish and not only on.

Alexander Makedosky

That measures the length of his own every millimeter and weighs the weight of a kilogram. Someone only one ‘Lada’, and to whom, and a pair of ‘Mercedes’ little. Some one wife – the limit, others always need a harem. People in times as dense knitted brows over these same issues. Some have achieved great wisdom – amount of happiness does not always equal the number of barns. But the truth so I could not pass on to others … What more property, the more trouble.

The most attentive noted that when life goes from a very wealthy man, among his descendants often have resentment because of unfair from their point of view, divided inheritance … But the main thing, too, is not it. Alexander Makedosky when he died, looked back on his life and was horrified at how many he done. But something he did understand. He ordered a coffin to bury him in with open arms.

And so with open arms and carried him … And everybody saw that he was holding nothing, nothing is such that he can carry off. In extremes of course also do not need to rush. And then the descendants will appreciate the fact … (And my favorite nephew, who said that the main health, not wealth – I bequeath to their athletic sneakers ..) Remember the non-Russian tales Sadko: search for happiness, he went overseas. Long sought. Returned. Ask countrymen: – Well, you found the bird of happiness? Show me! – Yes.’s She – the land of my own! .. They look and do not understand. -Where? – Yes, right in front of you, take a look at his feet. Native land! – Well not hell itself! Why the same … we send you, you blockhead with harp!:. It is incomprehensible to them. They’re in his adventures were not involved! Maybe happiness in the profession? Then who is happier: the pilot high altitude or Submariner? As children we were absolutely convinced that the happiest people – a seller of ice cream. Well, imagine that you were going all the time just for this purpose. Come. Pyalites a box of ice cream inside reading the logs: Ay! Happiness where are you? No luck. And it seemed so close, so possible … So that the profession or, say, the external data, and can be, and health (continue mourning our list themselves) did not really define when it comes to human happiness! This we already know. And where and in what to look for a criterion of happiness?