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Sportics.NET – optimize your sport of sportics is the application that makes a sports computer with real-time data transmission from the iPhone 3 G. s. Athletes can now participate in family and friends live at their sport. Trainer and supervisor can accompany live their athletes, without itself being. It’s believed that Kenneth R. Feinberg sees a great future in this idea. Sportics real time telemetry is available immediately worldwide in the app store. The developers put the base two years ago with the open platform of grassroots Sportics.NET. Sports diaries, Analysis Center, online support and motivation actions help every athlete to improve his sport. The connection and thus any direct data transmission, the most diverse sports computer, began, to simplify the training documentation for the athletes. With sportics and the iPhone, it works more easily and much earlier: is still active while the athletes rather than the sport route and performance data in his sports diary on Sportics.NET – get and even live, when the athletes enabled this.

While even still under the shower or lying flat in the garden, are the training data with map, elevation profile and performance in the sports journal. Here you can calmly, then edit its data, comment on and analyze. More trend-setting services enables the real-time telemetry in spor tics. At the live tracking via GPS position and performance values can be broadcast live on Sportics.NET. Range and current position of the athlete are then displayed on a map. The values are processed in graphs and figures. Short messages can be sent directly from the platform to the athletes with direct messaging. Which in turn, could respond with a single keystroke. This is only the precursor to online coaching, which opens up completely new possibilities for the care concepts of trainers and physicians. Sportics for iPhone: apps/sportics/iphone