World Cup Snowboard FIS

This ski center is the main resort of mountain of the Cordillera de Los Andes and is open year-round. The Hotel Valle Nevado, with its refined style, offers 53 spacious rooms with a spectacular panoramic view of the cordillera, as well as a nice heated pool and a modern Fitness Center. The D or Fourchette restaurant is willing to receive your guests with a wide range of flavors and aromas to be tasted at any time of the day. Valle Nevado is located in the heart of the Andes, offering more than 9,300 hectares of skiable terrain and a total of more than 37 kilometers of tracks divided by degree of difficulty, with a strong increase of tracks black (the higher requirement). Valle Nevado is the largest in the southern hemisphere winter resort. You will explore a world of adventure of skiing, with tennis courts and specially prepared slopes and spectacular Andean meadows with outside track and excellent Virgin snow. For those who prefer riding a Snowboard, we have an incredible adventure in snow dust through the Andes. In the expert guides company, can scroll through tracks off court and find sites of Virgin snow, along with challenges in spectacular landscapes in the middle of the Andes.

Valle Nevado has a team of fifty professionals of skiing and snowboarding for all levels. Our professionals speak more than one dozen languages and offer the possibility to introduce itself, assert itself and progress in these disciplines, defying if yourself and nature. They are also certified mountain guides prepared for expeditions outside track and Heli-skiing. In its sports equipment rental Center, Valle Nevado Chile has more than 1,200 latest equipment for skiing and snowboarding, including most recent carving skis. In 2003, Valle Nevado again hosted the snowboarding World Cup.

It has been the only sport center in Latin America designated to host the World Cup Snowboard FIS, which in 2003 was carried out between 8 and 16 September. Starting from our Heliport in a Bell 407, Learn about the experience of skiing on Virgin snow and appreciating a majestic and unspoiled natural surroundings. To those sportsmen who enjoy extreme emotions, on skis or snowboard, Valle Nevado offers them venturing into amazing snow powder of the Andes, always in the middle of the spectacular scenery of the cordillera. Valle Nevado is a winter resort designed both for the unlimited practice of winter sports, as for fun and relaxation. For this we have a complete equipment: three hotels, apartments, eight restaurants, bars, pub, heated pool, fitness center, fitness center, child care and a variety of shops, among others. All combined to create a winter definitely unique experience in the world. From 2008, our snow garden will feature an important innovation: the new Kids Carpet, which allows children to upload the track without the need for lifeline, since it works as a carpet conveyor, which leads to the small skiers up, which will greatly improve the all our children learning experience. For the larger ones, we also have good news, the installation of two carpets for boarding in Prado and Mirador lifts, which will keep speed constant in chairs and provide a more efficient service to all our skiers.

Virtual Pets Online

Most people love animals, and not just home! Many of us from childhood wish to have a kitten or puppy, preferably two, three, four … Frequent and more exotic desire – certainly every childhood dream to settle pony in my room, an elephant, or perhaps a small crocodile. Unfortunately, size flats, allergies and other household stuff does not always produce like a dream come true. However, nowadays, anyone can find yourself one or several beautifully looking zverushek and care for them – if it's virtual pet! I'm sure many remember what a sensation produced in one time Tamagotchi, and since there are functions that have been nothing at all – to feed the pet, get out and play. But boys and girls always carry with these plastic boxes, throwing all the affairs of the first pixel Piscu little animals. Technology is not standing still, and now does not necessarily carry a virtual pet with you – there were online Tamagotchi. Pet lives in the Internet space, and the owner comes to visit him at his convenient time.

Overseas sites virtual pet quite a lot, but in Russian segment network to find yourself in a virtual pet online game can Mirchar. Pets Mirachar (on the game language – spell) – a variety of fantastic little animals, bright and lovely. A player can have up to five charov, and some may even improve your account and to get more. Charov can be compared with Tamagotchi, but only on the basic principle – they also need to feed and play with them. Otherwise, it is much more complex and developed the game.

Virtual pets can wear in Mirechar in online dress up games, making them a unique way of using sets of clothing and accessories. Pets can read books, increasing their intellect, teach them magic, to develop their strength, defense and health and to participate in battles with other players or software rivals. The game also can carry out quests and play free flash games, thereby earning the coin slot. But the most interesting – to participate in beauty contests and competitions creativity, where you can show off your virtual pet, and get a trophy and a prize. In Mirechar everyone will find something to do! This game is for girls and boys, adults and children! The game is completely free, it has no registration fee, no monthly fee. Anyone who dreams of a virtual pet can register and make it yourself right now.