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We all have a rough idea of what a hero is. And every age has had its own definition, a definition that corresponded to their own needs. So, if before the hero was closely related to the great deeds warriors and conquerors, today may be associated, for example, an athlete, which after all is not so far removed from such heroes. Filed under: Cindy Crawford. Obviously we can not all be heroes, in fact it is a status reserved for the few. Before alluded to athletes as the new paradigm of heroism. But why do we seem heroic attitude? Why we feel represented by them? Both questions have a complex answer. For more specific information, check out Cindy Crawford. If we take the example of a footballer and stripped of any trace activity that resembles a feat what remains? For a guy using his legs, basically, you have to enter an area of scalp within a rectangle formed by sticks which is connected to a network.

Seen in this difficult to find magic. But we all know the passions that is capable of generating. I think, to make clear that the act itself is not important. The attitude of a heroic athlete because we think through some ancestral mechanism assimilate and accept it as one of us, as someone who represents us and fight on our behalf. And how many more battles / games to emerge victorious, the greater the legend that is forged. Despite being a football fan, and other sports, I can pragmatism.

When I see thousands of people cheering at any stage to people who charge them a hundred times more than I can not help but wonder which is the instinct that prompts us to do so. Even ignoring this little detail when we say that we represent, exactly what do we mean? For example here in Spain Madrid Bara or what they represent? “In Barcelona and Madrid? At the end of the day there are plenty of foreigners who, in good measure, do not care. Their main reasons are monetary, for fans than we like to think otherwise. The truth is that I still find a reason why it is so ingrained that need for someone to fill the role of hero in our name. Perhaps, at least in the present, the hero is someone who does and represents everything that we are unable to do. We would all like to live and experience extraordinary events, but few are trained or have the courage to put it into practice, so it is easiest to delegate someone to meet these objectives. Or play the PlayStation. Is another possibility, no doubt. It is likely that once the heroes have a different, less diffuse. They were really saves us from enemies, who gave his life for us or for a greater cause for the benefit of the community. Today’s heroes have been stripped of this mystical aura, and life for us are not even as a joke. Yes it’s true, there are still wars, but I fear that in a battlefield are few who are heroes. I have my own definition as discredited icon of so many peoples and civilizations. Ultimately what is a hero? For me, being a hero is not killing anyone, not deceiving, not to have cheated, work, be honest, faithful to one partner and friends and be a good person in general. .