You can invite a maid. These good "fairies" are ready for a reasonable amount to do the dirty work that you do not want to do. Of course, the quality of cleaning in this case is strongly depends on the attitude to work a specific person. Yes, and professional tool, it usually does not. But this is really one of the most affordable toll-making issue with cleaning. Unless, of course, housekeeper fell into thievish, and if you are willing to entrust someone to clean for the money. Use the services of a cleaning company. There are also simple.

Proposals for cleaning, ie, For professional cleaning of the premises now very much. For example, all major cities such as Perm, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov, Kaliningrad, cleaning rooms offer many companies at once. In this case, unlike the housekeeper, who, as a rule, is not possible, both financially and physically, to use professional equipment for cleaning, cleaning companies use in their work a modern, efficient and quality equipment and inventory. Stubborn stains, an ancient mud, spilled coffee on the couch, debris after renovation – all with easy to clean the professionals from the cleaning company. And besides, they do the job quickly, as in Most cases go to a place in the team. (Source: Gunnar Peterson). This will save time on cleaning.

Prices for his work cleaning company, of course, considerably higher than the price of services than housewives. But the quality and speed of many times better. So if you regularly order the cleaning of the apartment to others – is to delegate to its professionals. At least sometimes. Buy a robot cleaner. This is no joke and not a fantasy. Even in these days for quite a reasonable sum ranging from fifteen to 20 thousand rubles can buy a small home-robot cleaner, which is able to get out of the apartment while you're not home. Robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a set of brushes, filters and electronics capable of independently to circumvent all the premises in your chosen program, avoiding obstacles, furniture, stairs, etc. In addition, he is able to automatically return to its base station for recharging batteries. And after charging the batteries it automatically continues cleaning. Of course, the robot cleaner is not able to maintain cleanliness throughout the house. He was not able to wipe the dust off the table or expand things in the closet. But making the cleaning of the floor from the dust, he able to significantly improve air quality in the apartment. Ask for help from relatives. To do the cleaning alone bored. Together and work goes faster. This is, quite suitable to the case with the cleaning. Ask your friends come and help you clean the apartment. Wonderful mood, quick tidy and a lot of pleasant moments of companionship you provided. Even better – ask for help with the harvesting of relatives. Mom, dad, sister or brother, wife or husband – that's the best helpers in cleaning the apartment. Especially if you live together. And work together more fun and trash you in an apartment together, so that, together, and restore order would also be good. Regardless of what option you choose, do not forget that purity – is the key to health. Hover regularly clean the apartment, and your life will be cleaner, better and healthier.