Childhood Program

I did not need desire to attend both. In first they requested, us to the juniors that we made a line separated of the people of legal age (I had 17). We spend all the day there so that after they said to audicionar us that no we would enter the program by the age and that we went another day to another hearing for an infantile program. I left disappointed because really my interest was in the program of singers and I spent to everything a day without eating, with many nerves, practicing, etc. (they are very desgastantes days emotionally speaking). Months later I attended hearing for the program in the other television channel. The spreading of the dates of hearing was not most correct and I found out the same a day before.The problem of to me to have found out so behind schedule was that the previous day of hearing the cordales had extracted me (yes, it had undergone a small surgery).

My face was inflamed and it cost abrir to the mouth (only a small detail to me to be able to sing Even so, the day after the surgery I indicated father to him who took to me until the site. It left, I filled the lists me there, I hoped by my turn and I tried to sing the best thing than it could with my inflamed mouth and without being able abrir very well it. The result I happened to the following round! Once in that second round one week later and I already totally reclaimed felt that nothing or nobody could prevent that I it would arrive between that they would select for the program.I arrived at the site of second early good hearing in the morning and for being hearing of national type my turn was already at night. Much delay, many nerves, much hunger, sweat (really they are experiences of which salts exhausted).