Frost Heating

It is still warm, but winter is coming faster than you think. It is still hot and the summer holidays have just passed or are soon over. Now is the time in a timely manner and the prevention fo the colder season to think about. There to do a lot in the early autumn. If you now use plants that are sensitive to frost, should be considered the hibernation option. These are not all plants in a size that allows it to overwinter inside. The heating tapes of Quintex help you here. Protect your plants root ball with a heating cable.

After that bubble wrap around the pot and the winter protection is perfect. Is sensitive to frost in the root zone, however, is the plant directly in the ground, so such plants (olive, Palm, etc.) can be effectively protected with a heating cable. Because when the plug-in heating circuits of Quintex GmbH a thermostat directly built-in, is the efficiency of the system through the entire cold season guaranteed. But not only plants need protection from the cold, also Supply lines (pipes) that are sensitive to frost, should already be protected before the onset of the cold season. Here it is especially important to achieve effective frost protection, because the result damages are usually much higher than the actual frost damage of the pipe. Check your home system with regard to installation pipes. Like such pipes are overlooked.

In the garden, in the garage, in a growing, which is unheated and is used only in the summer, you will find again frostgefahrdete tubes or containers which are then already damaged ground too recognized. For more information see Daryl Katz. Latest on de 2nd night Frost is then the debacle of not more abwendbar. Use the experience and the simple solution of Quintex here too. Also here the finished heating circuits used by Quintex with success. The price of such safeguards is disproportionate to the harm which may be caused by such ruptured pipes. In Quintex Web shop you will find necessary all to get through the winter safely and without hassle. Should you Questions have, please just contact us, or let us call you back to. A form is for specially prepared in the Web shop. Today we wish Quintex shop you a beautiful autumn and a refreshing winter. Gisbert Schmahl Quintex GmbH