"Advertising – the engine of sales … some move, one sells "advertising, to date, one of the most important conditions for prosperity of any undertaking. In order to flourish business, you need to know about it. And if in your plans for the organization's own business, without the involvement of interested in your services, the potential consumer, you can not do. Advertising requires a certain cost. However, the results, if properly placement of advertising, will exceed all expectations. In order to choose the most effective form of advertising, first of all, you need to find out what part of the audience it should be targeted: drivers, women or men, dandies or athletes, young or middle aged people.

Who among potential consumers will be interesting provided goods or services. Once the target audience is identified, You can choose the media advertising information. There are many nuances, including mediplanirovanie, the calculation of the budget, approval and registration and can not do without the advertising company working directly from operator and also no extra charge. Salary advertising agencies receive a percentage of sales volume. Internet and advertising. Advertising on the Internet, has several advantages. And most important advantage of the Internet as Advertising services, the ability to accurately determine the target audience, depending on gender, age, occupation and interests.

Therefore, all advertising information goes directly to the goal of providing maximum advertising effectiveness. Promotion. Defined target audience in this type of advertising as a promotional event there, but as handouts on the sidewalks flyers, business cards and posters, all the more willingly take the young, the focus in this case should be on them. Very diverse selection of outdoor advertising media – large-format panels, light boxes, stickers, transport, advertising design, window dressing and shopping, etc. Ford contributes greatly to this topic. Mass advertising. Since c through television advertising, information comes to a very large number of consumers in a relatively short period of time, it is understandable that in the ranking, advertising on television is one of the highest positions. TV ads has the most extensive audience. Underground. Advertising in metro is huge competition to all other types of advertising, with respect to megacities. It is here that many people use the services of Metro. A therefore often faced with the placed advertising information here. Advertising on transport, advertising in the subway and on the radio. There are many ways to advertise. To date, using multiple ability to attract an increasing number of consumers. Appeared fairly advanced type of advertising that is the union of transport and commercials. This provides a much closer contact with the audience. Install screens to scroll in taxis, became a successful advertising solution. You can not give preference to one or any type of advertising and detract from the dignity of others. Effectiveness and impact of any advertisement will depend on proper placement. It is impossible to name the kind of advertising that would be efficacious for everyone, to correct the situation will only competent design advertising. Advertising in the press or on television and radio, advertising banners, banner or poster – all these kinds of ads are designed for specific audiences, and, therefore, are only effective for her. To effect of advertising was positive before you place ads, you need to pre-training. Indeed, without effective advertising, to achieve any significant progress is unlikely. And it's true sounds – "Advertising – the motor trade."