Latin America Exercise

Our stomach is one of the things that breaks our attractiveness and appearance. According to polls, have a flat stomach is very attractive in the eyes of men and women. A lot of people want a belly flat, but they don’t know how to lose belly faster. And in fact, it is very difficult to lose the belly fat. In fact, some people spend an hour a day doing abdominal and abdominal and results achieved little or nothing. The reason is that these people are making ineffective exercises and, basically, lose hours of your valuable time. This is one way that may lose belly quickly with less than 3 minutes a day.

And you don’t need any appliance or abdominal machine for this exercise. What you have to do in this exercise? All you need is a pair of shoes for running, a length of 20 to 25 yards from the road, the field or on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, or in a park, or whatever that it is close to your House, and 3 minutes each day. This is how this exercise is carried out: 1. run 20 to 25 meters as quickly as possible. This takes about 5-6 seconds, even if you are out of shape.

2. Walk 20 meters at a pace half back to the starting point. This takes around 10-11 seconds. 3. Repeat this exercise 10 times. In total, little less than 3 minutes. 4 Do this exercise for a month, once a day, and you’ll see the difference in the amount of fat in the belly that has. Why this exercise does so well? It’s rush for 20 yards, while you put one of your hands on your stomach. The belly will feel like a rock. This is due to the contraction of the abdominal muscles fully running. That means that it works to its maximum intensity and burn more belly fat. And the surprising thing is that you don’t feel any effort in the belly, because your body focuses on running, not in the belly. If you want to lose belly fat quickly, test this training during one month and you will see amazing results. To see the review of the best program lost weight in Latin America and you can discover how to lose tummy quickly visit… Eat to lose reality or scam?