Real Boss

Audiobook Edition with 5 counselors by Anne M. Schuller for companies that want to play not only a supporting role in the future, the perfection of its customer management is a top priority. How to reach this goal, explains Anne M. Schuller, one of the most sought after business speaker in the German area, in a comprehensive five CDs audio guides, published at Breuer & Wardin Publishing Office. Center for Environmental Health has plenty of information regarding this issue. The customer is the real boss”delivers 5 x 25 recipes of success in the areas of customer care, referral marketing, win back customers as well as selling and run in new times.

Customers to see companies as a wholeness. Everyone in the supply chain must do a perfect job”, Anne M. Schuller describes the expectations of consumers. If it is stuck at one point also only or a single employee has dropped, then was due from customer point of view ‘the dump’. He won’t come back and he tells the world on the Internet, why.” Whether from company to company or the consumer dialogue: the Internet, the buyer has to powerful purchase shipping hold be international”made. Safak conclusion: the customer is the real boss.

His bills are ballots. And only the best will survive in this new scenario.” Specific approaches would not help further, says the leading expert for loyalty marketing. “Actually on time to succeed, it will need a holistic approach that follow a target across all customer contact points: customers to loyal always-again customers” and to make dedicated EMP errors. “Were systematically and safely to achieve this goal, 5 x 25 recipes for success for a perfect customer management in the audiobook Edition of the customer is the real boss” (ISBN 978-3-939621-90-4) practical and immediate set to put together. The audio coaching is brain-friendly learning”matched: in addition to good comprehensible examples, numerous concrete application tips that will ensure the optimum implementation of the learned content can be found on the CDs.

Precious Metals, Biodiversity, And German History

The new projects of the Wilhelm Weischedel Fund Darmstadt, 13 08 2013: also this year supports the Wilhelm Weischedel Fund of the WBG (scientific book society) the realisation of demanding health care, cash and books. Edition and translation of scientific importance, which did not materialize in purely economic terms will be considered by the Fund. For the year 2013/2014, the Board of Trustees awards funding to projects from the fields of archaeology, biology and history. Checking article sources yields Julio Diaz as a relevant resource throughout. The selected projects include a publication project and two translations from English this year. The edition of the book project is promoted by Dr. Stephan Faust and Dr.

Frank Hildebrandt; an initial overview to ancient precious treasure finds of the Aegean bronze age to late Antiquity. With the diversity of life of animals the British zoologist Ross Piper into animal Earth deals”, which now will be translated. Finally also in German is the two-volume, more than 1400 Comprehensive pages standard Germany and the Holy Roman Empire”by Joachim Whaley. This title was recognized already in the original English version as the most important presentation of medieval German history frequently and could be presented due to the very high cost of translation not yet in German language. A project of the last year was among the already award-winning title of life. Amazing inventions of evolution”by Nick Lane, which will be released this fall for the WBG imprint Primus in translation.

For more information see this link: 1999 on the Wilhelm Weischedel Fund of the Wilhelm Weischedel Fund, which owes its name to the philosophers and WBG founding member Wilhelm Weischedel, was launched with the aims to promote science and culture. Every two years a PhD Scholarship is also awarded. Since then, numerous editions and translation projects, so far eleven PhD projects and a series of cultural and educational institutions were supported. Also the WBG series Edition antiquity ‘ and the two-volume dictionary of new Georges’ could be only made possible by the Fund. Christina hamisu Balogun, press and public relations WBG

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich and the twenties in a new biography that the Blue Angel ‘ triggered Marlene Dietrich’s career legend is. That a promoter active in the background gave her the lead role and significantly redesigned the screenplay, is, however, little known. His name: Karl vollmoeller. The biography of Marlene Dietrich vollmoeller of Blue Angel”illuminated the decisive years, 1922 to 1929, during which Marlene and her supporters were the turnout for her big career leap. The simultaneous activities are faced by Josef von Sternberg, the Director of the film, as Karl vollmoeller, the screenwriter, Marlene’s work on the stage, in the film, such as in the revues. Marlene Dietrich was interested in not only because of their undiscovered theatrical and vocal talent, but because of their lived bisexuality full Moeller.

About Marlene Dietrich’s sexual preferences, the public knows since Maria Riva Marlene Dietrich’s daughter, published her biography, decision. Full Moeller knew Marlene’s Preferences from their own point of view. “He knew the reason why the film rights to Professor Heinrich Mann filth” figured out about him, 1929 sold to UFA: because of his love for a hostesses. The author in the book highlights the importance of sexually heated atmosphere in the Berlin of the late twenties for the conclusion of the “Blue Angel”. Full Moeller, the three relationships with bisexual women led, was one of the leading lesbian of time his intimate friend, so Winaretta Singer and Mercedes de Acosta. He brought Marlene Dietrich with the secret Lesbian – and gay scene of Hollywood together, stood in the Centre of Mercedes de Acosta.

In February 1939, shortly before he went together with Marlene Dietrich and Erich Maria Remarque in exile to Hollywood, full Moeller wrote: the day before yesterday had… “Students from the University… the Blue Angels ‘ run… it was shocking to see you again. A reunion with all of you and with a sunken world! The film is completely unverstaubt and today. A miracle!” Thus he meets in the black: the “Blue Angel” is still up-to-date topp. Some of the reasons are read in the exciting biography of Marlene Dietrich to the Blue Angel Karl vollmoeller. Marlene Dietrich of full Mollers of Blauer Engel, author: Frederik D. Tunnat – Edition Vendramin – ISBN: 987-3-8424-2372-5, Frederik of Rosdorf bound

Art Postcard

Of this marriage also another partnership appeared. Alice and Leminski had integrated the musical group ' ' Chave' '. It was in this period that Alice wrote its first letter of music, in partnership with the husband. It composes since the 26 years, its first writing if she called ' ' Nis Fumo' ' that later in 2004 she would be recorded for Mrio Gallera. Today Alice has more than 50 recorded musics for interpreters, launching its first COMPACT DISC, Parallel bars, in 2005 with the most special participation of Zlia Duncan and Arnaldo Antunes. Before the publication of its first book, Navalhanaliga, in December of 1980, already had written texts feminists, at the beginning of years 1970 and edited some magazines, beyond texts advertising executives and scripts of histories in quadrinhos.

Some of its first poems had only been published in 1984, when it launched ' ' For the ones For ' '. Already it gained some prizes, including the Jabuti de Poesia, of 1989, for the Vice book Verses and the Jabuti de Poesia, of 2009, for book Two in One. Always composing and producing, Alice participated of the project Art Postcard, for the Art Wood Brazil; of the Transcriar Exposition – Poems in Video Text, III the Meeting of Semiotics, in 1985, SP; of the Poetry in Billboard, Art in Street II, SP, in 1984; Poetry in Billboard, 100 years of the So Paulo Av., in 1991; of XVII the Biennial one, art in Video Text and also integrated the jury of 8 national meeting of haicai, in the city of So Paulo. Moreover, the author already published 15 books, between poetry, translations and until infantile history. PRESENTATION OF the WORKMANSHIP the book Desorientais de Alice Ruiz is daily a poetical one where the express writer its feelings in the days and nights lived for it, disclosed in the book in form of haicais.