Need I say that quite often, our calculations in the long term are wrong and we do not achieve satisfaction, but the rest we get in abundance. Well, the goal is reached. That Next? Next 'emptiness'. Disappointment. The more the target, the greater the vacuum, when it is achieved.

What's next? Again, aim, aim big. Achieved. Again, 'emptiness'. And so indefinitely, until the whole process of not have a question: 'WHY? If all that whatever I do turns into 'the void.'' Incidentally this explains the fact that sometimes, people who they believe have achieved all find pleasure in drugs. Center for Environmental Health is full of insight into the issues. And what are we better? Try not get familiar pleasure. Can not.

Will 'break'. The thirst for the pleasures of fulfilled not horrible. So man lives between pleasure and pain, like the donkey who needs a carrot in front and Mork …. whip back to moved. The worst thing about this is that the person is conscious, but could not do anything. It's not in his power. They have complete control of selfishness. The worst thing is that the man himself believes that he was and is. Selfishness replace his personality. We are start talking about nature. Everything in it obeys the impact of interaction, but a man with his selfishness. Maybe that's why people and unhappy? And if people joined in nature? What would it be? It is even possible? Now STOP! From this point on, I recommend reading only those who at least once in your life asking yourself the question: 'Who am I? Why do I live? What is my purpose in life? " Even if you still have not found answers to them – in something you woke up, something that is contrary selfishness.