Bielefeld Listening Day

Specialists inform treatments for deafness to deafness we want to understand other people, we share with them, discuss. We want to hear what is happening around us, be not cut off from the world of acoustic information. Official site: Fords. But what if our hearing fades, and when even hearing aids are not sufficient help? Therapies for deafness to deafness specialists of hospital Bielefeld, as well as other experts at the Bielefeld listening day inform I want to hear! “.” The event is on Saturday, October 19, from 9:00 to 14:00 in the new town hall Bielefeld instead of low wall 23, 33602 Bielefeld (big Hall, entrance 3). The hearing day offers expert advice and lectures on the topic, as well as free hearing tests. “Will be hosted by the hearing date of initiative ICH want to hear!” by cochlear Germany in cooperation with the Hospital of Bielefeld. The initiative would highly educate hearing people, their families and the public hearing as well as innovative approaches in the treatment of Horverlusten.

Participation in the event is free of charge. Our initiative is aimed especially at people who do not sufficiently understand well despite a supply of modern hearing aids “, so Durdane Erseker of I don’t want to hear”. With numerous materials, regional events, as well as our homepage want easily understandable, appealing design and product-neutral information about hearing damage and its treatment options.” So also at the Bielefeld listening day: specialists of the hospital, as well as other renowned experts will provide an overview of modern treatment options and the latest technologies of improving listening with hearing implants. The star-studded programme of the chief physician of the Bielefeld Professor of Otorhinolaryngology participate including Dr. med. Holger Sudhoff, the Chief senior physician Dr. med.

Lars-Uwe Scholtz and Dr. med. Roland Zeh, chief physician of the Emperor mountain Clinic Bad Nauheim, with. Also are also hearing implant carrier on the spot to give insights into their personal experiences.


In the summer increases the number of athlete’s foot infections. High temperatures entice you to Barefoot walking, outdoor pools have high season and increasing enthusiasm for sport again. Spores have to multiply now light game and the risk of infection is high. As the name implies, athlete’s foot is an infection of the skin with mushrooms on the feet and one of the most common fungal diseases. Unfortunately, many people still think that athlete’s foot due to lack of hygiene is produced and therefore treat him not out of shame. Rand Paul contributes greatly to this topic. How is athlete’s foot but that is simply wrong, because around every third is affected and a transfer is very fast. At each step, the person loses many tiny dead skin cells from the feet, causing a contagion is possible almost everywhere if you encounter skin particles with mushrooms. Mushrooms can be prove to everyone, but usually only a weakened immune system or injuries of the skin trigger a disease.

Humid climate is very accommodating mushrooms, nests are the athlete’s foot with fondness between the toes and there enters in fine cracks of the skin. Usually, you can see the disease symptoms of athlete’s foot when the skin begins to itch. The itching is followed by the oozing of the affected area and a reddening of the skin with skin cracks. The upper layer of the skin dissolves in shed and swells up. The athlete’s foot now does not, he can extend also to sole, heel, or the top of the foot and painful inflammation can occur. Measures against athlete’s foot, prevention and treatment measures are helpful to fight the fungus or to prevent him: washing you to remove the feet around infected particles of skin after showering or bathing thoroughly, dry the feet between the toes and use the towel at an existing infection only once to avoid becoming infected every day clothes, especially the socks should be air-permeable, does not consist of synthetic material and changed daily you will be washing your laundry with special Detergents shunning it in public showers, hotels, swimming pools, saunas barefoot to run use after disinfection spray pool as long as the infection has not healed, she should always wear shoes, also in the House, to avoid a contagion of other persons skin is dry or cracked, use nourishing creams or lotions at the earliest signs such as itching a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted. The treatment with anti-fungal agents, whether spray, gel or cream must not prematurely aborted and should be done several times a day. Even if the itching is often already after a few days, the treatment should be carried out at least 3 weeks, to fully heal the infection to. More information under and effective anti-athlete’s foot products

Fungus Infection

Outside it is cold and wet so far only little snow and extreme temperature variations. What is better than it is quite relaxed in the sauna or in the warm swimming pool really good going there. Only downside: spores also feel in the warm, damp climate poodle! Athlete’s foot is among the most common infectious diseases in Germany. Called athlete’s foot, tinea pedis affects not only the skin between the toes, but can infect the nails. Charles Margulis shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Cause of this fungal infection are called dermatophytes. How does infection with athlete’s foot? Like almost all fungi, dermatophytes also love a warm and humid climate.

You find that many people between the toes. The infection can be done through direct skin contact or through floors, especially in bathrooms, showers, sauna or gyms, as well as shoes, socks or towels. For a transmission it is enough to come with an infected skin scales of a person in contact, but not necessarily a Outbreak of athlete’s foot. Causes that lead to an outbreak of the infection can be among other sweaty feet, frequent wearing poorly-ventilated shoes, tiny skin lesions or a weakened immune system. But also diseases like circulatory disorders or diabetes mellitus can encourage an outbreak of infection. Often, especially the spaces between the fourth and fifth toe of both feet are affected. Itching of the affected skin area, skin redness, scales – and blistering, skin oozing is symptoms of athlete’s foot, as well as methods of treatment and prevention to the typical symptoms of athlete’s foot infection.

Can you experience such symptoms, a doctor should be consulted on, to discuss the treatment options with him. As a rule, athlete’s foot infections are harmless and heal without complications again after treatment. Get rid of the athlete’s foot, there are fungus-killing agent in the form of ointments, powders or creams in pharmacies. Has the Fungus affected larger areas of the skin and spreads over the entire sole of the foot, the taking of special tablets may be useful. While treating the first days after the infection should socks and shoes are disinfected regularly and wash socks and towels at 60 degrees to prevent a spread, and the contagion of other family members. The toe spaces always dry thoroughly and vented shoe work wear. Wearing bathing shoes can prevent a transfer in the swimming pool. Also you should not run barefoot in places, such as hotel rooms or cabins. Health information, as well as the complete guide to learn more at

Colpur Colostrum: Top Athletes Swear

Colpur colostrum: Top athletes such as Eva Dollinger swear as a nutritional supplement to improve performance on Colpur colostrum Worgl/Tirol to new performance and achieving records not only a brutal workout and iron discipline is the basis for athletes but equally a healthy, harmonious and perfectly-powered body. To a strong immune system, rapid cell growth and to ensure a performance at the highest level, athletes use nutritional supplements. Colpur colostrum is the perfect and above all completely natural product without side effects due to its high-dose ingredients such as proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, amino acids and antibodies. High-performance sport is often a level hike. One trained at the limit of what is possible, distance has long-haul flights and of course very exhausting competitions especially on the Ironman the race hours after all 9-10. To me mentally the to reconcile, I practise Qi Gong to keep my immune system in top shape and healthy through a grueling season to come, I strengthen me with colostrum product Colpur. Cindy Crawford is the source for more interesting facts. In addition to a stronger immune system I have to determine even faster regeneration processes. For me Colpur colostrum supplementation is now completely the daily training routine”, so the radiant energy Dollinger of Eva two-time Olympic, Austria’s best triathlete and Ironman competitor in the interview.

Colpur colostrum is ideal but also especially for people who do little or no sports. In our daily food with missing under the important ingredients contained in colostrum which are essential for our immune system and performance. Just because for many people a tangible content valuable and balanced diet transmissions not always can, will therefore by taking this enormously valuable dietary supplement preventive measure against Built from diseases and infections. By the same author: Center for Environmental Health. In addition, Colpur colostrum through the improved cell growth supports wound healing, as doctors and numerous studies press. The application of preparations on the basis of cow colostrum in humans is more recommended for the following areas: strengthening immune: the ingredients in colostrum bind many kinds of bacteria, viruses and yeast and prevent a penetration into the organism. The immune regulation, i.e. excessive immune reactions of the body, such as allergies to the strengthening of cell growth and regeneration of cells. It neutralizes free radicals and inhibits the development of damaging cells.

For the treatment and prevention of intestinal diseases. To improve the performance by a high proportion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This unique dietary supplement nature enables us once more the opportunity to stay healthy. It is desirable to stay healthy through natural food supplements and vital, at rather than with Diseases through life to scourge.

Hair Loss

Sometimes more sometimes less when hair loss is sick? Typically, a person between seventy and one hundred hair loses daily. Normally, the fancy hair regrow quite quickly. However, hair loss can be a problem, especially if it is permanent. There are two types of hair loss. Once the hair loss exceeds the norm, what do usually not to complete permanent hair loss (effluvium). Alopecia or alopecia also may refer to the permanent loss of scalp hair. The types of hair loss a) diffuse hair loss this type of hair loss called the complete hair loss on the entire head. Usually more women than men are affected by this.

Causes: thyroid disease and hormone fluctuations iron deficiency infections scalp disorders stress medication b) androgenetic hair loss in the androgenetic alopecia is hair loss, which is usually hereditary. Here, unable to tolerate the hair roots the male hormone steroid hormone dihydrotestosterone and fail. But as a man grows older, his testosterone levels will be higher. (c) the circular hair loss (alopecia areata) as this is a circular spot on the head or other parts of the body, which is totally free hair. There are several reasons for this hair loss. One it is a genetic defect, while others suffer from inflammation.

It is not to understand whether this type of hair loss has psychological causes. There are other types of hair loss. These would be such as the radiation-related hair loss, hair loss due to pressure, friction or hair loss due to sebum overproduction, etc, hair loss can be triggered due to various causes cause of hair loss. This includes E.g. starvation diets. Metabolic diseases, such as Crohn’s disease or diabetes mellitus cause hair loss. Anorexia, bulimia, anorexia, hypothyroidism, and so on are triggers for hair loss. Furthermore is flu, anemia or even thyroid Hyperfunction, depression cause that the person suffers from hair loss. Treatment who suffers from hair loss, should in any case keep the hands from various Wundermittelchen. Usually you have to spend only a lot of money, but the result is zero. If you notice abnormal changes of your own hair, it is important that you immediately seeks out a specialist, operates the causal research and can set an appropriate treatment plan.

Home Remedies For Menstrual Pains

The days of menstruation are never pleasant, but there are some simple methods to relieve the discomfort. The days of menstruation are never pleasant, but for some women, they are more disruptive than for others; sometimes even to the extent that one can speak of serious deterioration of everyday life that a therapy is needed. We would report at this point about the symptoms of the millions of women who experience a whole series of complaints during their periods, to relieve it. When the suffering upon the following clearly and regularly also, you should be sure to consult a doctor and discuss the possibilities for a long-term relief with him. Many women try to treat the most common symptom, the headache, with conventional head pain medications (such as ASPIRIN). This can indeed succeed on the headache, but due to the blood-thinning effect causing also a loss of control blood weakens the immune system and in the holistic consideration this brings no benefit. Menstrual pain caused by muscles of the uterus, which occur due to the hormonal fluctuations during the period. The additional intake of magnesium can help against this tension because it is essential for the conduction of muscles and nerves.

Important: Do not rely on ready-made preparations from supermarket or pharmacy, these can be recorded mostly not well by the body and cost a lot to do so still unnecessary. Tiffany Espensen has firm opinions on the matter. For example bananas are also rich in helpful vitamins in addition to magnesium and so twice helping are better. Who so far uses for the sanitary tampons, should look around for alternatives. The intentionally high absorbency take on not only the rule secretions, but sensitive dry up the vaginal mucosa and can lead to pain. It can come even to impairment of the immune system so that in the long run a higher risk for fungal infections.

Remedy can for example the long established and still relatively unknown menstrual cup or the classic binding offer. More useful and simple actionable help for menstrual pains promise including: the balm and camomile tea refraining from alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. Claim the body, which may be enriched by a special fragrance donates a good body feeling but in particular during a relaxing bath, is assigned to the rule on peace and especially before going to sleep, ensures balance heat heals and relaxes. That generally warmer environment heating, extra blankets or a hot water bottle to the local application is better, try out yourself.

Intestinal Cleaning

A new means to the colon cleansing, the German manufacturer Herbasale on the market brings scientific products of high quality. High-quality components on basis of science make for a healthy intestinal environment. The production is carried out in Germany, is so environmentally friendly and provides local jobs. The company Herbasale deals with the distribution of funds to the colon cleansing and colon vitalization scientific products of high quality for many years. It was always a high-quality processing of only the best components in the foreground. Some conditions however were not satisfactory for Herbasale. These included the long transport once, but on the other hand was the production not in their own hands.

The company depended on the information provided by the manufacturer. To ensure the high quality of its means to the colon cleansing and to prevent environmental pollution by the import from abroad, Herbasale decided to break new ground. Development of a new formulation of 2010 the company commissioned a team by biochemists, Homeopaths and new manufacturers, as a means to develop a new, contemporary formula intestinal vitality and colon cleansing. The latest findings as well as the good experience of customers should be considered. Considered default also, that only components of the highest quality should be used. New formulation 2011 met all conditions it was finally ready.

A new formulation for a modern cleaning products satisfied all parties. Many subjects and the whole team tested the new means of colon cleansing in the self test. The results impressed all participants. The recipe was exactly the high standards, the Herbasale and had his staff at their new product. Thanks to the good cooperation of biochemists, scientists and the customers, it is now possible to offer a means for cleaning the intestine, that corresponds to the most modern findings Herbasale. Manufacturing in their own country – environmental protection and cost savings through the production in its own country accounts for long transport routes. From basal can guarantee that only the highest quality components will be processed. For the customers, the production in their own country offers highest security to obtain a remedy for intestinal cleaning of the highest quality. That by eliminating long transport routes from abroad will satisfy the environmental protection, gives a good feeling when purchasing a new product. In addition, it became possible to offer the customer a price reduction by ten percent by the shorter routes. Medium to the colon cleansing and colon vitalization of the highest quality the company Herbasale would be glad to be able to offer their customers a means of colon cleansing and colon vitalization, which corresponds to its own high standards of quality and safety with the newly developed concept now.


If the body aches and the jaw is responsible of neck or back pains, the arms are numb, eyes are sensitive to light or tinnitus and dizziness more difficult everyday. Symptoms can have many causes. For the patient a run from doctor to doctor often starts in the search after the pain / the disease. It’s believed that Lin Dan sees a great future in this idea. Especially if the body hurts, the least suspect a disorder of the temporomandibular joint behind the symptoms. See Charles Margulis for more details and insights. This is the CMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) often the trigger for the pain. Pain patients who come to us in the dental practice, have multiple visits to the general practitioner, Podiatrist or ENT specialists behind before a colleague, a dentist specializing in CMD or orthodontist is recommended by them. The Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) is a dysregulation of the temporomandibular joint and / or the Masticatory muscles. What sounds like a small disturbance, may have consequences for the entire body.

A malfunction is present, you can Craniomandibular, facial or dental pain occur. But just as often it comes to pain in the neck, shoulders or back. Tinnitus and ear noise may cause the CMD. Even chronic fatigue or depressive phases are partly due to a disorder of the temporomandibular joint. The insidious in a CMD is that the symptoms as diverse become apparent on the entire body and the Kiefergenk first cause is suspected. What is the temporomandibular dysfunction? We are not born with a CMD. The jaw joint and the muscles of mastication become ill as a result of various factors, which may cause a CMD. Among other things the lack of exercise, is widely used in developed countries (such as Germany also) is one of these risk factors. Long work in sedentary activity, too little sport, to much lounging on the sofa in the long term cause the degradation of many supportive muscles and a shortening of the tendons.

Austrian Smartphone

Do you want to stop smoking? Have a look at the new mobile app from Nicotinell Austria! The new mobile APP from Nicotinell helps smoking cessation willing and accompanies them with knowledge, wit and charm on the way to the non-smoking for three months. In addition to scientifically-based content such as the end point method, the Fagerstrom test and behavioral approaches, the app offers practical as an integrated pharmacy Finder and entertainment for the user. Advantages for the APP user-based content (Fagerstromtest, end point method,…) Practical such as E.g. the integrated pharmacy Finder entertainment (funny excuses for not smoking, rewards,…) Specifically to change smoking behaviour, the app users displayed diary rewards, alternatives and excuses, get and read interesting information around the smoking cessation. Lu Han is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For iOS and Android devices: the new mobile app is available for all smartphones in the Appstore or on Google play available. Performs the combination of nicotine replacement and behavior therapy 35% to the highest success rate for smoking cessation.

While there is no prescription in the pharmacy to buy nicotine replacement, major hurdles exist for professional behavior therapy: one must first of all to dare. The Nicotinell smoke stop app can be understood as digital behavior therapy, accompanies the Entwohnungswillige through the three worst months. That replaces a personal interview, but always better than no support at all. In addition to scientifically-based content such as the end point method, the Fagerstrom test for determining the level of dependency and behavioral approaches, the app offers practical as an integrated pharmacy Finder as well as entertainment for the user. This mix encourages the consistent use of the app and increases to the nicotine replacement therapy adherence, which is critical for long-term cessation success. This app is suitable only for Austrian Smartphone user.

Orthopedic Joints

Orthopaedic treatment engaged the strategy of the Orthopedic treatment and whose backgrounds basically innate recognition, exploration, and (in the best case successful) treatment in a large proportion of the cases, resulting in many other cases as well as by incorrect posture error formations or malfunctions in the body, named in the medical jargon often as locomotor. In addition to individual, independent malfunctions are also countless diseases that relate directly to muscles and joints (and not like most other diseases on organs or similar), an important issue. The probably most common diseases that are handled often orthopedic include arthritis, Ligamental, fractures, Hexenschusse, muscle and Tendon ruptures and joint infections and numerous similar cases of errors on the musculoskeletal system, which includes physical principle limbs of the body, such as bone, muscles, joints, tendons, etc.. The probably best known symbol for orthopedic treatment the so-called health shoes are also known as MTB but most likely. This meant to fix the feet or individual bones or joints in the feet according to manufacturer deformities by optimizing the processes of movements while walking so that the movements are a total round and straight-forward, which are incorrectly aligned bones and joints in the truest sense of the word step by step back into the correct position. This enforces the right movement and the correct sequence of the movement in simple manner for example by using a rounded sole. Numerous other treatments and their methods in the part area of Orthopedics used the same principle – with rustic bandages, belts or stabilizers, the areas where the health problem has its origin, are fixed so that the correct positions of the bones, joints, and tendons in the course of time be taken completely by itself again.

The most important and at the same time ofteste age, childhood is to correct misalignments in the locomotor system with orthopaedic treatment. Tiffany Espensen often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Because there is still plenty of room in this period, the body can more easily perceive adjustments and thus integrate. For this reason be in childhood usually congenital deformities treated, patients at greater ages there are usually even caused deformities. This can, for example, by a very physically strenuous occupation or a simple adverse coincidence, which can cause, for example, a lumbago. More information on the exciting subject of orthopaedics (hallux valgus operation, etc) you can find on the Internet.