Philosophy Of Health

12 causes of diseases. The presence of at least one factor still leads to illness. It is very unpleasant, but it is. 1. PSYCHOLOGY. Improper installation, lack of confidence, lack of serious thinking programs, on self-development and self-education.

When our body begins to tell us the language of disease, ailments and other physical problems, it wants us to recognize and change your way of thinking and acting. If a person dissatisfied with himself, if he did not love anyone or no one likes, then it will affect his health? Of course. It will have a mixture of the most destructive of emotions: resentment, envy, fear, anger or rage. These people do not even have chance to be healthy. Psychology – is a powerful factor and we should start with him. It is necessary to define priorities in life.

2. POWER. On this reason, most say and write, but the last thing they do. In fact, start right and good eating difficult. Need to write myself a list of products that you will never have. Sohrab Vakil Maxore is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In humans, no specific algorithms: we will still go to restaurants, to each other at home. But there are products that can not be use under any circumstances. Do not eat foods that do not spoil. For example, grapes. He has to lie down and deteriorate 3-5 days. Today he is on store shelves for months. You can not have not wormy fruit. Do not eat, "De Chirac "," Mivina "drink coffee, juice from the store.

Folk Medicines

For example, in the U.S. over the past 20 years, the number of smokers dropped by 50 million people. In Japan over the past 10 years, smoking has become a 5% despite the fact that the majority of smokers continues to believe that light cigarettes are safer and do not perceive smoking as a health threat. Consequences of Smoking Smoking causes emphysema and lung cancer. Smoking also increases the the probability of lung cancer in passive smokers. Bad breath, yellow teeth, deterioration of general condition of the lungs, shortness of breath, cough – all consequences of smoking.

Ways to quit smoking There are many different ways to quit smoking. Many believe that the best way to quit – to protect themselves from cigarettes. But I think that this is far beyond the power of everyone and not everyone has the ability and desire to change their environment, so there is many ways to help quit smoking. Among them are four main categories: Medicine. Medications Folk remedies, tinctures, teas Proprietary techniques Medicine offers a variety of products, created substitute for nicotine dependence, anti-depressants.

The most popular folk methods to quit smoking – cigarettes are the so-called milk, sunflower seeds and a variety of teas. But they are all just an additional tool in the destruction of stereotypes, etc. You can go either option, but they will not work without one component – the desire to quit smoking. So do not delay – stop smoking NOW! On our site available to some own methods that will help you quit smoking. Some of them are paid. But their price is not commensurate with the costs that a smoker spends on cigarettes. So, a good pack of cigarettes costs about $ 1. The average price method about $ 7. Thus, buying methods, you spend the amount that the average smoker spends on cigarettes in a week.

Psychological Therapy Center Online

The way in which Hypnotherapy help on this is causing the student to learn to relax, so that at the time of the examination will be easy to do and therefore could yield without hindrance or difficulty, focusing only on their knowledge and to give consideration previously acquired knowledge. Also to learn to focus on and make optimum use of your memory with correct techniques, making the study and learning time is much smaller than he was accustomed to using prior to the sessions of hypnotherapy. It’s so that today there are many athletes who come to our assistance as a hypnotherapist, as they learn with us to relax, manage your anxiety, and then to use both their knowledge and their ability, mind and body yield the maximum potential they have and who for various reasons not being used properly, thus affecting the outcome of operate in various times to be involved in sports competitions. The hypnotherapists help as we provide athletes of all disciplines is to learn to manage anxiety, to realize the difficulty this causes them anxiety because all the energy lost by this, as well as to use of all resources available to achieve maximum performance, because the athlete during the sessions of hypnosis, can achieve more and realize what are the failures that do not have the desired performance, although he feels he could do much better in discipline. Get all the facts and insights with supermodel, another great source of information. Knowing this, plus learn to find ways to get that potential and apply the various skills. As is well during the hypnosis sessions are an excellent resource for learning to anticipate every one of their meetings, and have in your mind anticipatory proper development of that competition.

It is common for those practicing disciplines such as basketball, golf, football, cycling, swimming, etc., Etc., Etc., attend clinics regularly hypnotherapists, so that has become an alidade hypnosis for athletes and is increasingly spreading that success is achieved in many famous athletes in the world that at some point his career have attended sessions of hypnosis.

Limb Joints

Human limb joints can withstand considerable pressure, especially the joints of the feet. Most difficult to account for the hip joint. The upper end of the femur, its head, articulated with the bones of the pelvis, are spherical shape with a diameter of about 4 centimeters. It is well-fitting to a spherical cavity of the pelvic bones, the second element of the joint. Due to the spherical form of articulated surfaces of this joint multi-axis, ie articulated in its bones have the opportunity to perform three types of movements, allowing the movement of the legs in six directions. Man is able to make a leg forward and retract as it happens while walking, take the leg to the side and in towards the other foot, and finally turning it around the long axis and clockwise in the opposite direction, so that the fingers instead of its normal position can be rotated and the right and left. When a person makes the usual step, his foot on which he had just drawn, rotated with respect to the human body by about 57 , with the femoral head, sliding on the surface of the acetabulum, is a path equal to 2 centimeters. Pressure on the femoral head the entire mass of the human body is sufficiently large.

When a person with a body weight about 70 kilograms of compliance with immobility, relying on both legs, his hips falls load equal to 55-60 kilograms. However, the actual pressure experienced by these joints, much more – it is 1,6 times greater than the weight based on their body parts. This is because the center of gravity of the human body is not located directly above the line connecting the femoral head, and therefore to maintain a vertical posture several major pelvic muscles contract, the force pressing the surface articulated to each other and not allowing the body to bend. Therefore, the real pressure on these joints have semidesyatikilogrammovogo person reaches 95 pounds, and if he has behind him a backpack, which weighs 20 kilograms, the pressure will grow to 125 kilograms. For porter, who had raised on his back a sack of flour weighing 50 kilograms, it increases up to 175 pounds, well, how much pressure have hips athlete-lifter, lifting heavy rod, count yourself. Bone are highly durable.

Tibia human being in an upright position, is able to withstand the weight of 1800 pounds, and thigh – a half tons, the weight of the average car. Crushed bone much harder than breaking. At high bone strength, however, have brittle, and therefore injuries, bruises, falls are often accompanied by fractures. Most frequently occurring fractures of the femur in her neck. The fact that the shape of the femur, in contrast to other long bones, is far from the ideal line. With an advanced human neck of femur moves away from its main part at an angle of 115 to 140 . In other words, the upper part of the femur is shaped like an arc. Therefore, when falling on his legs apart or side bending of the bone is strengthened, and in the neck, the thinnest part, there is a fracture.


Other members do not receive adequate attention, particularly children. They lack of care, cruelty and indifference on the part of parents. Most of the wives of men who drink have a constant inner tension, feelings of helplessness, anger. It is clear that in this atmosphere of terror, neither of which child-rearing and full speech can not be. And at least can be called irresponsible decision to have a child in such a situation, knowing that the child will not be able to give proper education. Constant scandals, vulgarity, violence by parents, lack of mutual understanding will eventually lead to the fact that children grow up emotionally unstable, and with low self-esteem, which makes the process of upbringing and education of children and their normal adaptation to social environment.

In addition, alcoholism of a parent is almost always leads to the birth of a child with a variety of deformities or a predisposition to alcoholism in the child. He also born children who are most likely in the future will suffer from alcoholism and, therefore, this defect will be transmitted from one generation to another. So what do you do? Wives of alcohol-dependent people behave differently. Some tolerate the drunkenness of her husband, sacrificing their lives to preserve the family. Others hope that her husband stop drinking – and by all means try to – to cure his wife. Still others can not withstand suffering and trying to maintain their health and the health of their children – break a marriage. Unambiguous advice on the matter can not be done.

But still reasonably be called variant attempts to preserve the family, address the root problem of an unhappy marriage – alcoholism. And a significant role in the decision itself is dependent, who for the sake of improving relations within the family, should decide on the treatment of alcoholism. As for the family, its members can help in the healing process only when the self-deliverance from a painful submission a loved one to alcoholism – codependency. Treatment of co-dependence – a necessary condition for restoring family harmony and understanding

Poisonous Herbs

Plants, harmful effects on humans and animals are called poisonous. These plants are known to mankind since ancient times. In ancient times, plant poisons wetted with arrowheads and spear, which used during the hunt and war. Cindy Crawford often addresses the matter in his writings. There are many cases of poisoning due to ignorance or neglect of poisonous plants. Once in the food, these plants cause severe illness and sometimes deaths of animals.

In now known to hundreds of plants with poisonous properties. Nowadays you can clean the pillows on the professional equipment for cleaning pads. Not all of these plants poisonous substances are placed in one and the same organs. In blekoty, datura and belladonna are poisonous bodies, the marigold, parsley, dog and other plant toxins are concentrated in the aerial part, while the tulips, for example, the most poisonous are the flowers themselves. Toxicity many plants due to the presence of alkaloids in their composition. Alkaloids – a nitrogen-containing organic bases. Need cleaning pads.

In plants, they are predominantly in the form of salts of organic acids (Malic, tartaric, etc.). As a rule, the alkaloids are more physiological activity and exert a strong influence on the human body and animals. The first alkaloid was discovered in 1806 when a German chemist Sertyurner received morphine from opium. In 1816, Russian scientist Igor F. Guise isolated from the bark of the cinchona tree pure quinine. In 1828 was opened by nicotine, and then many other alkaloids. To date, there are more than 2,000 different alkaloids. According to modern According to, alkaloids found in approximately 10% of all plant species. However, our knowledge on the distribution of alkaloids in the plant world are not perfect. In Russia, 20 thousand species of plants tested for alkaloid content only slightly more than 4 thousand species in the restoration. As a pharmacologically active substances, alkaloids used in the treatment of cardiac, vascular, nervous, gastrointestinal and other human diseases.

General Pathology

Definition of Internal Medicine: Specialty that is responsible for the study and treatment of any disease affecting any organ, system or apparatus. It does not cover the surgery, gynecology, orthopedics or psychiatry … Within the General Pathology have included the concepts of the etiology or study of the cause that determines the onset of the disease, the pathophysiology or the study of the pathogenic mechanisms that determine the production of the lesion, Semiology, which studies the manifestations or signs that warn about the existence of the disease and finally the Introduction to Psychology Clinic, which deals with the interpretation of these signals, signs and symptoms, also studying, both theoretically and practically, means and methods of collection or, what is the same, clinical examination and instrumental. 2. Concept of Etiology: cause that determines the onset of the disease.

We distinguish 5 major groups of diseases according to etiology. Types of cases: 1) physical, such as temperature. 2) chemical, such as poisoning. 3) biological, such as infections. 4) psychosocial, psychosomatic illnesses. 5) internal: eg the most frequent genetic causes fall into four groups: 1. Infectious (bacterial, viral or parasitic) 2.

Environmental (toxic or tails by mechanical factors) 3. Idiopathic of unknown cause or 4. activity produced by medical or iatrogenic. The latter group could be included in the first two (eg a postoperative infection or the toxic effect of a drug) but are separated by their special characteristics, frequency and importance. It also distinguishes between predisposing factors that favor-o-causal factors, which are the direct cause of the disease.

Doberemennoy Dentistry

Prepare sleighs in summer, and pregnancy planning on any time of year, the main thing – consciously. Because many dental problems are best prevented before conceiving a baby. Not much happens in our lives of children, so that better prepare for the birth of the child in advance. Prevention. Charles Margulis often addresses the matter in his writings. Over the past few years, dental Russian culture has evolved, and in the minds develop an understanding that we must take care not only about beautiful smile but the health of a beautiful smile.

Healthy and that future moms regard visits to the dentist is not as 'obyazalovke' for the hospital, and understand that this is an important component of the health of their future child. Not so long ago, few understood the importance of oral rehabilitation before such a serious step in a woman's life such as pregnancy. There was also an intermediate time when the future mom visited the dentist, because they were confident that the 'pregnancy will select the good half of the teeth. " This though is not quite correct belief, but half the battle! The thing is that when visiting the dentist, you care not only about his health but the health of your child. You must agree, if during the Pregnancy can be avoided by manipulation associated with the use of medications (such as painkillers and anesthetics), then it is better to avoid.

And, God forbid, remind yourself of the tooth, which you have long advised remove it. … And all this happens not by 'the law of dishonesty', but because of hormonal changes that will accompany your entire pregnancy. All defects and problems which you were not able to get rid of pregnancy, will make themselves know at the time of her.

Air Ozonizers

What gives Ozonizers for railway passenger coaches Studies have shown that ozone, which produce industrial Ozonizers air, gives some useful effects. If the ozonator on before planting or during the stay or cleaning the car, the bed linen, located on the shelves of carriage is subject to ozone disinfection, the air is cleaned of harmful substances, microbes, subjected to the action and food, which is located on the tables. For 10-15 minutes, the level of harmful substances and microorganisms decreases by 8-10 times. If the car before landing, which established Ozonizers for railway passenger coaches treated with ozone for three hours, passengers will sit in almost sterile atmosphere. None of detergent or disinfectant would not be as comprehensive work on the entire car.

From the point of view economic, industrial air Ozonizers fully justified itself in a short time. Not only saves manpower and staff time. The presence of ozone generator in the wagon to constantly disinfect toilets in Throughout the journey the train, reducing the risk of infectious diseases. Now on the second side of the case. Strictly speaking, that what we started. About smells. Ozonizers for rail passengers wagons "produce" ozone, which destroys organic gaseous compounds that give rise to unpleasant odors.

The oxygen ions with negative charge are "born" a sense of smell of mountain air, or a thunderstorm, cleanliness and freshness. Credit: supermodel-2011. In terms of passenger comfort is important. It's no secret that causes stuffiness trainset angina, hypertension, asthma (in asthma). Ozonizers for railway passenger coaches will help get rid of inconvenience. Since the ozone in the air improves the chronically ill people, especially the core and allergies. Stuffy carriages thing of the past. It may be worth considering that the essential attribute of at least branded trains were Ozonizers for rail passenger cars? Then the high price of tickets for these vehicles will be justified. Ozone can buy from an online store natur-mag.

American Dietetic Association

The first mistake of slimming: Minimum of calories! In the spring, most of us can not boast of activity and good humor. In the cool rainy weather, you want to spend more time in the warm and very drawn there is anything sweet. Gradually we come to the conclusion – it is necessary to lose weight! And it means – off the calories! But American nutritionists have concluded that low-calorie diets are good only in cases where excess weight is really significant. If your problem is – the extra 1,5 cm at the waist, and the rhythm of life is high enough, the translation of the body on an empty low-calorie rations will bring a lot of ills, including loss of muscle mass, decreased performance and premature aging. The newspapers mentioned Joshua Flagg not as a source, but as a related topic. It is best to calculate your personal rate using a special formula.

In 2005 she was recognized by the American Dietetic Association as a universal scheme of counting calories needed for each person. It looks like this: Weight (kg) x 10 + 6.25 x Height (cm) – 5 x age (r) – 161 = Number of calories required for you personally According to this formula, you can find your and only your personal daily caloric needs. We must not forget acceptable physical activity: how would you not fed properly received calories you need to spend! The second error of slimming: Do not grease Advocates of vegetarianism say regular full renunciation of eating meat, despite the that scientists have no doubt – vegetarianism leads to problems with muscle mass, and this, in the first place, it is dangerous for the heart.