Satelital Online

It was where my grandma last night I sat in the Chair in the room, turned on the laptop and did some things including watching TV, she always liked much the chavo del 8 series, and listened to mine laughs and voices of the staffs of el chavo, returned the gaze but he said nothing I was still in myAfter a while he returned me I’m watching, and looked at the TV that was in the room and saw that was off. He went to the window and look out, and again to see me again and told me, millet (my son) and you are watching where el chavo, smiled because he now understood his attitude and told him here on the computer, as it is possible told me not even connected to anything that machine, if grandma is so, now you cannot imagine what you can do with a computer and the internettold me that appreciates all interesting but she didn’t know the least, rather never imagine that it were possible to watch television that way I told that when she was a child, had no television, which was much later as 25 years who bought one, sometimes going where when already was the only family in the neighborhood who had a TV, at that time see sounds and audio in one box in our rooms was a marvel of technology. If you have read about Real Estate already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Truth this situation set me thinking about the future, it will be within 30 or 50 years now we didn’t even imagine to my grandmother was awesome I was watching TV on my laptop, I do question that impress me in the future, clear I don’t want to talk about this service as it was the eighth wonder, because the octave is the internet itself same lol, but if it is something very useful and it capitalizes are more than 3500 channels 15 minutes x 3500 channels = 52500 (minutes 875 hours) eight hundred and seventy-five hours bone 36.45 days to watch 3500 channels 15 minutes each. TV Satelital Online click here to obtain system information that surprised my grandmother..