Ceylon Tea

Tea … This wonderful drink is pleasant to every citizen of planet Earth. Tea tones, warms, fills the whole body transparent and golden energy, like the color of tea leaves. I suggest you go to the archives, and monitor as a tea gain popularity in the world. In ancient times, tea was used as a medicinal and tonic. Its use as a useful and soft drinks especially in the spread during the reign of the dynasty Tang Chinese emperors.

On the Chinese national custom, tea beverage was discovered character Shen nunem, patron meditsyny and agriculture, one of the Three Great Trinitarian, who created all crafts and arts of China. On tradition, the ruler of Shen-nung spent much time in search of medicinal herbs with iron pots on a tripod, to boil water to make healing concoctions. In 2737 BC. E. In the pot down a few leaves of tea tree oil. Decoction plants was according to Shen-Nunu nice and toned. Since then, the emperor and philosopher did not drink other beverages, always drinking tea … Far to the east, in China, began first to use tea as a remedy, and later and a very pleasant drink.

And the name of Chinese tea ("me" in Cantonese) are derived the names of tea in most languages of the world, besides the election of the northern or southern names can tell us about how brought tea: by land or water. Import tea from China to Europe began in the second half of XVII century, after the first European colonies in the east of the British, Portuguese and Dutch. Originally tea was known for healing people of Europe to collect, but after a few decades, it began to drink just for fun. At the French court came to tea from the Netherlands in the first half of the 17th century. One of the first fans of elite tea was French King Louis XIV. He had heard that the Japanese and Chinese by the Chinese black tea and do not suffer from arthritis, strokes and told him so, and cure for gout. What was good crowned, was to provide assistance and its people … In today's world you can buy a huge number of varieties and types of tea. In addition, they are all present in any of the land. But with the rapid growth of modern technology was certainly more practical, faster and more convenient to order tea in a tea shop online. Now any time you can purchase online black tea, green, Ceylon, Chinese tea, Japanese, Indian and other varieties of tea. To the surprise of many, tea has long become status of an elite drink, served at the summits, and the art of tea ceremony is still recognized as a mystic and a sophisticated act. When buying a Chinese elite tea shop online tea, you can go in and informative to study the properties and varietal characteristics of tea leaf. Would you Chinese or Indian tea, green or black tea, large-or high-fee, Gunpowder, or "sun leaves" – you always have choice!