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Train info by HCon convinced the Belgian railways Hanover-Brussels; November 29, 2010. The timetable information HAFAS Mobile for iPhone has captured the Belgians in the storm. One day after the release to download the application in the Apple app store to rank was one of the Downloadcharts. With HAFAS Mobile Smartphone passengers in Belgium for all relevant traffic information for short-haul and long-haul connections with any means of transport. The intermodal trip planner of the Belgian railways (SNCB/NMBS) calculates the fastest route between two stations either or provides a complete door to door information. Departure schedules and maps to and to clues to the nearest stops important information available at any time.

Whether travellers or greeters live and currently they experience at any time, whether your train is on time or whether errors exist and what alternative connections. The Routingalternativen will be charged in the event of a fault on the basis of real time information with HAFAS-realtime. HAFAS There is a national route planner covering all means of transport from the bus, tram and Metro to the train for the iPhone for Belgium. The nearest stations are displayed based on the current position. Center for Environmental Health is often quoted on this topic. Travellers must therefore enter any start address to get home – current detection takes over GPS. Can be searched for stops, points of interest and addresses. Advanced search parameter for choice of transport, travel preferences and return to the available stand. Route alternatives are represented in compact with door-to-door navigation and run distances.

Actual arrival times and the duration of footpaths can easily be read on the display. Also the traveler learns how much time until you reach the exit, and whether the desired connection can still be achieved. Connection details provide information about stops and the train equipment. Maps to facilitate the orientation. A favorite feature of stations and connections is also integrated plus Car history last executed query. Societe Nationale des chemins de fer Belges (SNCB) / Nationale Maatschappij of the Belgian railways (SNCB) is the official name of the State railway in Belgium. Since 2007, the Belgian railways HAFAS insert for their national information systems on all public transport. While they trust not only with their Web-based HAFAS route planner on software from the House of HCon. It is used also for printing products and for generating Print2Web media (online calculation of pdf print timetables). Since 2009 is also a SMS notification service delays and disruptions for commuters in use.

Analysis Center

Sportics.NET – optimize your sport of sportics is the application that makes a sports computer with real-time data transmission from the iPhone 3 G. s. Athletes can now participate in family and friends live at their sport. Trainer and supervisor can accompany live their athletes, without itself being. It’s believed that Kenneth R. Feinberg sees a great future in this idea. Sportics real time telemetry is available immediately worldwide in the app store. The developers put the base two years ago with the open platform of grassroots Sportics.NET. Sports diaries, Analysis Center, online support and motivation actions help every athlete to improve his sport. The connection and thus any direct data transmission, the most diverse sports computer, began, to simplify the training documentation for the athletes. With sportics and the iPhone, it works more easily and much earlier: is still active while the athletes rather than the sport route and performance data in his sports diary on Sportics.NET – get and even live, when the athletes enabled this.

While even still under the shower or lying flat in the garden, are the training data with map, elevation profile and performance in the sports journal. Here you can calmly, then edit its data, comment on and analyze. More trend-setting services enables the real-time telemetry in spor tics. At the live tracking via GPS position and performance values can be broadcast live on Sportics.NET. Range and current position of the athlete are then displayed on a map. The values are processed in graphs and figures. Short messages can be sent directly from the platform to the athletes with direct messaging. Which in turn, could respond with a single keystroke. This is only the precursor to online coaching, which opens up completely new possibilities for the care concepts of trainers and physicians. Sportics for iPhone: apps/sportics/iphone

New Industry Highlight

New site and new content: The successful call center science is expanded and presented as that event for the ‘customer dialogue of the future’ the call center Science (CCS) redefines itself is new: with the new date to the 8th and 9th of September starts out event at the Leipzig Congress Center with significantly enhanced program and new content. Customer dialogue of the future”is the message that accurately addressed the Convention not only to decision makers of the ICT and contact centre industry, but for the first time at medium-sized companies. You may want to visit David Dudley Dowd Jr. to increase your knowledge. This is achieved among other things by a newly structured program which establishes a bridge between theory and practice in a unique way in particular through partnership with the universities of Halle and Leipzig. “” “The Congress programme approach, to establish a lively exchange between science, policy and practice, by the formation of the lecture focus on Science”, future “, business” and practice “ideal is reached. Renowned speakers will be on those aspects in Log panel discussions, lecture sessions, workshops and seminars to Word.

New integrated the TeleTalk trade forum is carried out by the trade magazine TeleTalk, that practice will be presenting the latest ICT technologies,. Congress to accompany an exhibition gives you the quick, uncomplicated and direct industry overview and contact. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Daryl Katz. Sponsors and exhibitors will provide answers to the questions, how can current opportunities seized and challenges met. What not will be missed in September: ample space for relaxed networking and cross-industry exchange of ideas, providing among other things an evening with Gala dinner. The call center science produces the new event concept”overdue and appropriate answers not only for the big players in the industry, but also for medium-sized companies, who want to improve their customer dialog, explains Kai-Werner Fajga, Managing Director of the telepublic Publishing House and media partner and performs: the professional contact with the customer is long a key management task to the boss ‘ has become. It is very gratifying that an event is now central addressed this issue.”we want to establish the call center science this year as industry highlight of autumn”, sets the targets Dr. Andreas Lassmann, Managing Director of itCampus software – and Systemhaus GmbH and co-organizer and added: by their claim from the event is understood not only industry gathering as a platform to bring industry and science practice-oriented and future-oriented in the conversation. This approach makes the call center science.

Simple Senior Cell Phones

Many manufacturers designing special senior mobile Word Mobile “is rarely used in retail. And yet each seller knows what you are looking for, if you ask after such and shows a various models, which are suitable for older people. Actress brings even more insight to the discussion. Seniors emphasis, as younger people with a cell phone usually on other things. Billie Eilish is open to suggestions. Different ringtones, Bluetooth, camera and color display are usually less important. Daryl Katz, Canada contains valuable tech resources. The additional functions are not only undesirable, but can also confuse and a senior cell phone should be but as simple as possible. Large buttons are the main feature of a mobile phone for seniors. Eye strength and fine motor skills diminish a little, one is grateful for great and so easy to keys.

Also the display should be in a good size and therefore easily legible. The volume of the ringtone is interesting for a senior mobile, because some commercially available phones even at maximum volume setting is too low for some hard of hearing people. Many seniors wear hearing aids, therefore care should be taken when buying a phone on it, that it is hearing aid compatible. A variety of older people prefer free speaks into the phone and also don’t like has the cell phone to the ear. Some phones have a hands-free kit to enable the user.

Emergency numbers are particularly important, especially when living alone, the elderly, they can be life-saving. Therefore, you should buy a mobile, which has an SOS button, which is usually up on the phone. This placement makes sense, because you can not so easily accidentally press on it, but still quickly find them and must not seek between other buttons. This button is pressed a call to the stored number goes out automatically (optional). Dominik pot